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  2. Another example of climate change causing mass extinction for a civilization in the game Stellaris.
  3. Another example of climate change causing mass extinction for a civilization in the game Stellaris.
  4. Martin Shkreli jailed: 'Pharma Bro' sentenced to seven years for fraud Shkreli, convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy, sought leniency from the court after calling the trial a ‘witch-hunt. Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/09/martin-shkreli-jail-sentence-how-long-pharma-bro-court-trial
  5. 'Attacks and killings': human rights activists at growing risk, study claims Research shows 34% rise in attacks against campaigners defending land, environment and labour rights in the face of corporate activity. Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2018/mar/09/human-rights-activists-growing-risk-attacks-and-killings-study-claims
  6. Simon

    The problem with leftist myths about Syria: Why are voices on the left still justifying the Syrian regime's indiscriminate bombardment of Eastern Ghouta?

    Those "leftists" that defends the brutal Assad-regime sickens me to no end.

  7. If you use the popular gaming platform Steam you have probably encountered plenty of racists and Nazis. I usually report them but Steam doesn't seem to care. But now the media is starting to take notice so hopefully, we'll start to see some actions from Steam soon. Steam, Your Kids’ Favorite Video Game App, Has A Big Nazi Problem: It’s not the games you should worry about. It’s the social platform that allows hate. What do you think?
  8. Interviewer: So tell me a little about yourself. Me: I would rather not, I really need this job.
  9. Do you use a music streaming service? And if so which one do you use? And more importantly, would you recommend it?
  10. Soviet Propaganda Posters

    Various Soviet propaganda posters.
  11. International Womens Day

    Today is International Womens Day (IWD)!
  12. The leader and deputy leader of far-right group Britain First have been found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment, BBC News reports. Read more here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-43320121
  13. Simon

    White people don't seem to realise that eventually the far right will come for them too. The left's response to the rise of extremism hasn’t been great. But make no mistake – the extremists have become powerful because the centre-right has mainstreamed them.

  14. Here's a little story in three parts about Matteo Renzi, former prime minister of Italy and the political leader of the country's social democrats, and his criticism of "election loser" Jeremy Corbyn.
  15. That's true @Sanjo but then again, most people would look smarter and more sophisticated next to Trump. What's interesting though is that when the Swedish prime minister was asked what kind of similarities the two shared, Löfven said that "we both come from outside politics, into politics." But while Trump talks a lot about not being a rich elitist (like those other politicians), despite that his background and behavior clearly shows otherwise, the Swedish prime minister has a real "blue collar" background. Löfven has no university education and is a welder by background. He's a real working man that, as you said, looked and behaved more respectful, educated, and sophisticated compared to Trump. If Trump actually had any kind of self-awareness I bet he would be fuming after that meeting and press conference.
  16. I watched that and it seemed Lofven has a better understanding of the English language than Trump. Lofven sounded respectful, educated, and looked more sophisticated compared to Trump. Good job Mr. prime minister.
  17. Swedish prime minister, Stefan Löfven, criticizes US President Donald Trump's tariff proposal while standing right next to Trump at a press conference. Sweden's prime minister takes a shot at Trump's tariffs while standing right next to Trump, Business Insider reports. Watch the video: ThinkProgress has more on this: Swedish prime minister criticizes Trump’s tariff proposal right in front of him Also this: Trump responded by saying tariffs would be imposed in a "loving, loving way." Say what!? I'm just happy our prime minister didn't make a complete fool of himself.
  18. Holy-monopoly!

    When you make a board game thats purposefully terrible to prove the system is rigged for the rich but the people eat it up anyway..
  19. This is ... unbelievable! But this is a US-only thing, right? I haven't heard any similar stories about such weird expressions of devotion to work elsewhere.
  20. Sanjo

    Remember kids: capitalism is the kindest, most humane form of economic system.


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