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  2. Check out this video in which former Labour leader Gordon Brown says that Jeremy Corbyn is a "phenomenon". “He is expressing people's anger about Universal Credit, what happened at Grenfell Towers, affordable housing, inequality in our country, tuition fees and he is articulating that anger.”
  3. Why can’t Tony Blair just go away? Preferably to a prison cell.

  4. Det är dem rika som förstör klimatet och vår framtid.


  5. Soviet Time Capsule Reveals Communists' Alien Ambitions, via teleSUR.


    "We believe that you have masterfully outfitted our wonderful blue planet, the Earth, explored the Moon and landed on Mars, that you are continuing the exploration of space started by the people of the first half of the century and that your starships have been long prowling the Galaxy. [...] We know, our time is interesting, but yours is more interesting. We have built communism, and you are living under communism”

    This is really sad. They had such high hopes for humanity, and we failed them.

  6. Angående #paradisepapers, Leif Östling och andra skattesmitare.


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  8. Soviet Propaganda Posters

    Various Soviet propaganda posters.
  9. Another high-profile leftist account has been suspended by Twitter. It seems that the birdsite keeps banning leftists while protecting nazis and right-wingers.This is why its so important to use and support alternative communities (to Google, Facebook and Twitter) as we can't rely on the goodwill of corporate interests.

    By using alternatives (such as Redly, Diaspora, Raddle, Mastodon, among other sites) instead of Facebook/Twitter/Google+ you are fighting against the centralization of Internet, which hurts freedom of speech and political movements.

  10. This in-game "so much for the tolerant left" conversation between two nazis is just perfect! So funny!
  11. This game looks so cool! I so want to play this game. Unfortunately I get motion sickness from FPS games these days fml...
  12. Jeremy Corbyn the absolute boy! 😍🤗


  13. Jeremy Corbyn warns about the risk of losing jobs to robots and that new technology has led to "a more rapacious and exploitative form of capitalism". Instead Corbyn suggest that robots in the workplace should be owned and controlled by workers rather than bosses, the BBC reports. Corbyn also suggest that "gig economy" firms like Uber should be replaced by co-operatives owned by the workers, and where the drivers would collectively set their own salaries and working conditions. YES! FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY GAY SPACE COMMUNISM!
  14. As a club owner you cannot remove club features such as topics, calendar or images that you have added to your club. If you want to remove a section of your club you can post a request for it in this topic. Shortly after posting, an administrator will remove your section. Please note that all of the content in that section will also be deleted unless you have moved it beforehand.
  15. Portal 2 Vintage Posters

    A few vintage posters inspired by the game Portal 2.
  16. What games are you currently playing? I recently re-installed good ol' Team Fortress 2 and I've been having a blast with this old classic which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. And apparently Valve are working on a big new TF2 update that will be released soon, which frankly is pretty damn amazing for a game that is 10 years old.
  17. This is just heartbreaking! In a colony of about 40 000 Adélie penguins in East Antarctica only two(!) chicks survived this year's breeding season. The catastrophic breeding event is a result of climate change, as well as overfishing, oil drilling and pollution. The Guardian reports: Penguin disaster as only two chicks survive from colony of 40,000 And it's not just about climate change, as John Sauven notes: Penguins starving to death is a sign that something’s very wrong in the Antarctic Adélie penguins tend to be regarded as as a species that could adapt better than other species to a rapidly changing climate. But coupled with both global warming and overfishing, they are having a hard time to survive - as this catastrophic breeding event so brutally shows. Source: Thousands of penguin chicks starve in Antarctica
  18. Vänsterpartiets Jonas Sjöstedt krossar Moderaternas nya partiledare, Ulf Kristersson, i riksdagen. Se videon!

    Detta var veckans politiska höjdpunkt måste jag ändå säga.

  19. The horrific scenes from the Catalan Referendum shows that the police is no protector or guarantor of democracy. Instead they willingly suppress democracy and with extreme force beat down non-violent, ordinary people.

  20. Det här är lite småroligt faktiskt.

  21. On October 10 the EU will vote on a new controversial copyright reform that could kill smaller, independent online communities – just like this one.

    Article 13 in the new copyright reform could make owners of forums, blogs and other platforms that is built on user generated content liable for what their users post, and the reform forces these websites and platforms to introduce complex and expensive copyright filters. Under the new copyright reform, community owners could be sued for any copyrighted material shared or used by the users of its platform that their filters or staff/moderators doesn’t catch. Clearly, this could be devastating for smaller and independent online communities that would be unable to implement filters or afford a legal team to handle potential lawsuits.

    TNW has a good article on this dysfunctional proposal where Raegan MacDonald, Senior Policy Manager and EU Principal at Mozilla, warns that new copyright reform "would eventually lead to more homogenous cultural content, coming from fewer publishers and being available on fewer platforms".


    “I talked to smaller businesses and startups about this, or usually the one lawyer that they have on staff — if they had any at all — and just asked them: ‘Legally speaking, would you allow your platform to be open?’ And they couldn’t, because they won’t be able to shoulder that legal liability for content that the filter doesn’t catch,” said MacDonald.

    Read more here: EU is voting on ‘dysfunctional’ copyright proposal October 10

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