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  1. Last week
  2. Wow, just wow. Watch this video where Jeremy Corbyn - our absolute boy - completely and utterly ūüĒ• destroys ūüĒ• conservative Prime Minister Theresa May in parliament. Oh wow.mp4 Corbyn is referencing this story: "UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he has grown "increasingly admiring" of Donald Trump and appeared to suggest that the US President would handle Brexit negotiations better than Prime Minister Theresa May during remarks made at a private dinner earlier this week."
  3. Simon

    Ecowar - where to go?

    I think you should keep the two websites. Either you keep your website and blog as an archive (as it currently is) or turn ecowar.eu into a more active blog/site. You don't have to write long blog posts about the subject. Instead, I think you should keep it updated with short snippets, links, videos, and images about the site's topic. Move your domain name to a Tumblr blog - that format would be perfect for lightweight and "simple" text and media posts. And keep your excellent book as a page attached to the blog/site. Whatever you do, don't get rid of your domain name!
  4. For years, I have been blogging about natural resources and conflict. I ended up publishing some of it as a little book. The book has now been free for years, I rarely have the drive to blog on ecowar any more, and as a result I just have two inactive url's: http://ecowar.eu/site/ http://ecowar.blogspot.com/ I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I should just cancel the sites. But I could also take it into another direction? What is you impression of the sites? Does any kind of relevance come to your mind? Any idea for content or spinoffs?
  5. Earlier
  6. Simon

    G7 lunch break

  7. Simon


    "Milj√∂partiets spr√•kr√∂r Isabella L√∂vin √∂ppnar upp f√∂r ett gr√§ns√∂verskridande samarbete efter valet ‚Äď med Annie L√∂√∂f, Centerpartiet, och Jan Bj√∂rklund, Liberalerna, rapporterar Expressen/Sydsvenskan.

    Den nuvarande MP-ledningen √§r en katastrof. V och MP-v√§ljare √§r n√§rmast identiska och de b√•da partierna delar i grunden en v√§ldigt likv√§rdig systemkritisk ideologi, att MP-ledningen inte ser V√§nsterpartiet som en sj√§lvklar samarbetspartner √§r ofattbart IMO. ūüėě

  8. Simon


    MSB har nu begärt brandflyg från EU för hjälp mot de många och svåra skogsbränderna i Sverige. Klimatförändringarna kommer att framkalla allt fler och allt värre skogsbränder - även i Sverige. Så det är kanske dags för oss att införskaffa egna brandflyg?

  9. Simon


    I love this photo.


    That orange clown can't even negotiate a statement with friends and allies at the G7. The "negotiations" with North Korea will likely fail and further embarrass the US internationally.

  10. Simon

    Smog cleaning

    We breathe that smog. It's inside our lungs.
  11. Simon

    Industry vs Nature

  12. Simon

    Ecocide crime satire

  13. Simon

    Just one more catastrophe...

    - This catastrophe will finally make everyone understand that our way of life is unsustainable. - I think I need one more oil spill.
  14. Simon

    Mankind is a monster

  15. Simon


  16. Simon

    Apple Zombies

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