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This club is for all gamers no matter your choice of platform.


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Sea of Thieves - Four galleons

    A wonderful sight in Sea of Thieves: four galleons battling it out.
  3. Another example of climate change causing mass extinction for a civilization in the game Stellaris.
  4. Another example of climate change causing mass extinction for a civilization in the game Stellaris.
  5. If you use the popular gaming platform Steam you have probably encountered plenty of racists and Nazis. I usually report them but Steam doesn't seem to care. But now the media is starting to take notice so hopefully, we'll start to see some actions from Steam soon. Steam, Your Kids’ Favorite Video Game App, Has A Big Nazi Problem: It’s not the games you should worry about. It’s the social platform that allows hate. What do you think?
  6. I didn't have time to watch the grand finals of the major StarCraft II tournament, IEM PyeongChang, last week. But I've just watched it and oh my god what a good show. Scarlett really crushed top sc2 player sOs - at times it was actually pretty brutal to watch. Check it out if you haven't already: Second part is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymYqKFj6XiU Now I just want to play some StarCraft myself...
  7. Does anyone know what the oldest video game in world history is? This would mean a product that has been officially, legitimately, registered as the FIRST EVER quote unquote... 'video game.' Some say the first ever video game was created in 1958 by a group of physicists. Others however say the first video game didn't come out until 1971, called PONG... and produced by Atari.
  8. Do you think gaming is addictive?

    Not only gaming is addictive.There's so many out there that can make you addict like drugs and alcohol. It's up to us that we fall ourselves to be addicted to something. I ,myself experience so many addiction when I was on high school. I was involved in drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and get addicted to them. I can't resist the temper and I repeatedly use them. Back in college days I was so addicted to Dota2 , an online game that can battle across the players around the world. I was struggling to overcome it and viola, I ended it with the help of my family.
  9. In Windows 10 you can actually change which drive new apps and games gets installed to. Option 1: Go to Settings Click on System Choose Storage in the menu. Click on the link "Change where new content is saved" Option 2: Go to Settings Click on Apps Choose Apps and functions in the menu Here you can move already installed apps to a new drive I hope that helps! Me too! But I loooooved BIGDADDY and the E=MC2 TROOPER
  10. Do you think gaming is addictive?

    Yes, it is addicting for me. I love playing time management games in desktop PC. I find it difficult to stop myself from playing not until I finish all the levels of the game. The game increases in difficulty as the level advances so sometimes, it takes me until dawn playing even if I keep telling myself to stop. I sometimes eat while playing or even skip meals. It is so unproductive! It's a good thing for me that there is not much time management games available LOL!
  11. Do you think gaming is addictive?

    I am not a gamer, however, I am sure that gaming is addictive. My gaming experience is only limited to computer games and hand held devices. I do not have a gaming console. A couple of years ago, when I bought a wide screen smartphone, I installed candy crush. Over the days I became so addictive to this game that I was playing until midnight. Thus, I uninstalled it.
  12. Do you think gaming is addictive?

    A lot of things can be addictive, it all depends on how you manage that particular activity and the person of course. Most people can manage their time so that gaming does not become too addictive. Of course, depending on the person certain games can become extremely addictive. The biggest example of this is with mobile games especially ones like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans where players try their best to become the best player in the world. People just need to remember to take breaks and to do other things as well to avoid getting addicted to particular games.
  13. Do you think gaming is addictive?

    Yes absolutely, a game could be addictive the same as other things. Playing games is really enjoyable and some how gives one satisfaction. There are also studies that playing games is somehow beneficial on improving your strategic skills. But too much of anything is bad and it includes playing games. If your life essential needs are being disrupted and your actions by playing games are affecting other lives, this means that you are an addict. One should control anything that is both enjoyable and addictive.
  14. I am a bit torn on this because as a child I actually began gaming around when the NES came out... so technically I started out on a console. But through the years I became more attached to the computer gaming. I've spent countless hours just playing PC games back when I was in high school and had a lot of time to burn. Recently, I've bought the PS4 though and I'm loving it. It's quite relaxing to be able to just lay in your bed and play some good games on it such as Witcher 3. I gave my vote to the PC because even though that it isn't the only gaming platform that I use it's the one that I do use the most.
  15. Gaming is considered by many as a means of entertainment. Playing games helps people relax and sometimes helps them forget about their problems. Now as the title suggests, do you think gaming can be addictive? I certainly think it can. Every time I come across a game that I really like, I cannot help but play the game for hours and hours without noticing. Sure I enjoy every moment playing the game, but I'm doing harm to myself. I'm ignoring my responsibilities. The time that I spend in playing games could be used for doing something productive. Moreover, playing games for long hours without taking a break can certainly hamper my health. What are your thoughts? Let me know below!
  16. Wow i have been playing this game from Age of empires 1 to 3. This is great news, i can't wait to try it. Playing this game will not only make you happy and busy...somehow it enhances your strategic abilities and decision making. I just hope that cheat codes are not available anymore in this version.
  17. What is your favorite gaming platform?

    I love playing in PC because I can play open world games and the controls are so easy. And when it comes to games, PC has more games that is more real than Consoles. I can literary say that playing at PC is more easy than any consoles, that's because PC has a complete control and fits the gamer for open world games.
  18. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

    I wish we could change install directory when downloading from the Microsoft store, because my small SSD is soon full and I really wanna get this game... 😓
  19. This weekend I'm playing Cities Skylines which, just as the name suggests, is a city-builder game. I'm going to try and create an environmentally friendly city powered only be renewable energy. Cities Skylines is actually free to play on Steam this weekend (and the game and its DLCs are heavily discounted as well), so if you haven't played this game why not give it a go?
  20. What are your most favourite games?

    Nothing still beats God Of War in my opinion. I've been playing the game since its PS1 installment and have been following it for another release. The story line is just too awesome to miss its like watching a movie while playing it yourself. Kratos battling out Ares then off to Zeus then to the Titans then to many more. I hope the developers release a new one again soon. Looking forward to it.
  21. Game streamers

    I like watching gaming videos on YouTube but that's about it really. I don't really bother to watch any live gaming streams, it's just not something that I enjoy. I guess it's because they tend to be quite long and sometimes you have to wait for the game to load, the stream has to go somewhere etc. You don't have to waste time watching that when watching normal gaming videos. I don't watch that many YouTubers anyway, right now I tend to just watch Fortnite videos that KYRSpeedy or Deluxe4 posts.
  22. I'm a console gamer so I had to pick PlayStation. I actually used to be an Xbox person as I had the Xbox 360 but the PlayStation 4 converted me. I'm sure PC gaming is a lot better than gaming on the PlayStation 4 but for me, it's just a bit more convenient not having to worry about a lot of things. I can just buy the game and I know my console will support it and will be able to run it without any problems. Plus you don't have to worry about online gaming being ruined by online hackers.
  23. What is your favorite gaming platform?

    I'm most certainly comfortable playing games on my PC rather than in console. PC offers better graphics than consoles, especially if you have a high-end video card installed. And moreover, I download most of my games via torrent on my PC, which I think in consoles it's not possible. You will have to buy most of your games in a console.
  24. Game streamers

    I love watching gaming videos on Youtube. There are some awesome gaming channels like Jacksepticeye or TheDiamondMinecraft, but my favourite one is Markiplier. He is just hilarious! You will never get bored by watching any of his videos.
  25. What is your favorite gaming platform?

    My favorite is PC because I grew up playing with a PC and I'm just used to the keyboard and mouse controls compared to the controller of the consoles. Most genres that I play are also not available in consoles, such as RTS and MOBAs. I only play consoles for sports games, such as FIFA or NBA 2k.
  26. What are your most favourite games?

    I mostly just play PC games and my favorite ones are the Civilization series because of the intricacies of the game and the strategy that comes into it, and a single game can last you for hours or days. Each game is also different from the last. I also play League of Legends since most of my friends play it and I love the competitive aspect of it as well as being a social game. I only play one game on my phone - Pokemon GO.

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