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  2. Logan Paul Posts Graphic Video

    It seems that Youtube still commends Logan Paul. Must be from the amount of money he's making them from his videos targetted at adolescents. I honestly still don't care who he is, and it seems like news about him is everywhere - it's unavoidable! I'm not too sure where I stand on this whole controversy. On one hand, he is a grown adult and he knows that as a social influencer, you will be put under the microscope! But on the other hand, it seems that he knows that he caused a lot of anger and probably lost a few fans over this, and everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Ultimately, I think he just made the video with no social awareness or any idea of the consequences he would be suffering from this. I understand that many people are infuriated by this, but we could just ignore him and he can go away instead of people getting angry whenever they see a post affiliated with this guy.
  3. I've watched the uncut video of Logan Paul's Suicide Forest in another site. It's really inappropriate what Paul did in the video because they're laughing while capturing the person hanging in the tree. What much worse was he even zooming the whole body of the guy he just blurred the face of the person but you can see his whole body hanging in the tree and his fingers were color violet already. It's very horrifying the fact he has younger audiences he should take cautious releasing the video. Kids might be scared after watching the video. In fairness to Paul and his gang, they rely on awareness about suicide and encouraging not to do it. It's just he didn't edit well his video.
  4. Apparently, Youtube has suspended Logan Paul's ad revenue due to a "recent pattern of behavior" which includes: "trying to monetize a video that violates the company’s advertiser-friendly guidelines, encouraging his followers to do the Tide Pod challenge, and, in one recent video, taking a fish out of his pond to jokingly give it CPR and then tasering a dead rat." It's only a temporary suspension though.
  5. Logan Paul Posts Graphic Video

    It's really sad reading about things like this happening. And to think that he has fans as young as children being exposed to graphic imagery. I know some kids pretend to feel tough, but seeing dead bodies in real life can be traumatizing. Even if it's just on your computer.
  6. Logan Paul Posts Graphic Video

    Same here. I never heard of Logan Paul until one of my subscribers uploaded a video outraged of him showing the body. I then went to check his channel and noticed his public apology to the internet.
  7. I never heard about this Youtuber before this video, and omg, he seems like a total douche bag with no remorse or compassion. Why do so many people follow this clown? Unbelievable...
  8. Logan paul, a known youtuber and actor, went for an exploration in the Suicide Forest of Japan. With his large fanbase of child youtubers this is a red flag already. He continues and about 100 yards from the parking lot he finds a man hanging from a tree. He continues to mock the dead man, and at times you can see him smiling. He posts the video to his child fanbase with actual footage of a dead person hanging from a tree. This is absolutely horrific and should never have been recorded nor reacted to in this manner. The video was since put on the trending page by Youtube, knowing they manually review everything on the trending page. Both parties are at fault for this incident. Logan Paul and Youtube. Source:http://nymag.com/selectall/2018/01/youtube-gives-statement-on-logan-pauls-dead-body-video.html http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/02/health/logan-paul-video/index.html

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