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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Do you use a music streaming service? And if so which one do you use? And more importantly, would you recommend it?
  3. Story of love

    Since we are celebrating valentines day today, share your most memorable and favorite love story movie of all time. My favorite love story movie of all time is the 1990 movie titled "Ghost". I know it's kinda old but if you are the person who believes forever do exist then you should watch this movie.
  4. Valentines Day Music

    Since it's valentines day and you wanted to dedicate a song to someone you like, what song would it be and why? Here's a song that I would like to dedicate to someone I like who probably don't know me. Here's a song for you from your secret admirer.
  5. My immense love for music

    Music is an important part of my life. I can't imagine how my life would be without music. It helps me through my bad days and it is there for me when I am living the happiest moments of my life. For me music is the ultimate art, the way I can express what I am feeling inside, the way I can travel to another world when I need a break. I read somewhere a quote " Life without music would be a mistake" and I totally agree with it, what would life be like without background music? A life in silence, like living in a box and not being able to spread your wings and be yourself.
  6. Song that fits you

    I'm a funky guy... i love things that are happy. I love being busy and always on the move. This help me be aware of all the things around me. I'm a DIY guy no matter what is the result...this help me improve my skills and the way i think in life . Basically i'm just normal guy that wants to enjoy life to the fullest. https://youtu.be/OPf0YbXqDm0
  7. I want "I want to break free" played at my funeral". I can be free only when I die. Until I am dead, I am bound by chains. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said "Man (also a woman) is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. I like Queen's I want to break free very much.
  8. Well for me the flute music from Leo Rojas. I'm a fan of Leo Rojas, I really like how he plays flute, and this music from him should play in my funeral, el condor pasa and the last of mohican. I really like this two flute music from him, without the lyrics and just pure music, but still you will feel the peaceful and sadness of that music.
  9. Song that fits you

    Well for me the "I am the highway" from audioslaves. I like the lyrics, I like how Chris Cornell sing that song. The sadness behind that song but still, he was trying to become strong. For me that song fit to me to my life. not the sadness but the this line "Friends and liars don't wait for me I'll get on all by myself". I like that line from that lyrics, very true.
  10. My immense love for music

    I can't also live a day without music. Music helps me to be me. It makes me feel motivated and more ready to face the day. It boosts my mood and removes all the negatibe vibes and stress away.
  11. Song that fits you

    This song is for the upcoming Valentine's Day. My loyal and sincere heart for the one who owns it. My love for her is never ending. Up to now, my heart is still beating for her because, she's still the one. You're Still the One by Shania Twain
  12. Song that fits you

    This song has sentimental value to me, I have a lot of both good and bad memories in this song. I once offered this song to someone that got away but I am over it now.
  13. Isn't it to early to ask this question? I mean, I don't want to die young and I find it very disturbing to plan early for you funeral. But since you asked then I will gladly answer your question. As a christian who believes that their is life after death then I will probably choose the song from Enigma titled return to Innocence
  14. Song that fits you

    What is the song that fits who you are? For me It's " Thunder by Imagine Dragons" because back in my high school days, I was a victim of bullying and this song fits who I am. So how about yours?
  15. If I would play a song on my funeral that would probably be 21 guns. I just want that to play to my loved ones and make them listen to it. So that if they heard this song they will remember me, and think of me.
  16. Hah, It would definitely be What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Look at the words, the song is talking about how life is magic and all those simple things we see, do or feel make us human, so our life wasn't for nothing, we were meant to be the part of the world, no matter how long have we lived.
  17. Who's your favorite band?

    My first inclination is to give you a long list of my favorite bands but since you asked "what your favorite" band, I'll tell you my current favorite band. That band is the Norwegian progressive black metal band, Ensalved.
  18. Who's your favorite band?

    Well I grew up in a community where people loved playing rock and country. So when I was a kid, I usually listened to ACDC, Metallica, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and many other legends. Some on the other hand would play George Strait, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, and Garth Brooks. I oh so love all this musicians I mentioned and all of them would have something very much suited to my mood.
  19. Do you have any breakup songs?

    I have one, Crying in the Rain by Extremes, this song hits the spot. It was the early 90's, it was raining at night and my girlfriend then called me up to say that she's breaking up with me. I then went to a bar with a couple friends and this song started playing. We were so drunk we still don't know why we ended in the police station.
  20. Who's your favorite band?

    My favorite band is paramore. I like all of their song. It's just sad that I can't go to their concert on Feb. 18 here in the Philippines.
  21. Do you have any breakup songs?

    Yes. I always listen to music when I'm sad or feeling depressed. My breakup song is 12:51 which goes like this... "Cause its 12:51 and I thought my feelings were gone but I'm lying on my bed, thinking of you again, and the moon shines so bright but I gotta dry these tears tonight cause you're moving on and i'm not strong to hold on, any longer... It is a very good song and it heped me a lot to move on.
  22. Who's your favorite band?

    Well band would most of the time specifically refer to or mean rock n roll or heavy metal. In that genre of music I like Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, The Gorillaz, and Phantogram - just to name a few.
  23. Do you have any breakup songs?

    I've been in worst break up situations more than you can imagine. So better not to assume that I don't understand you. I am saying you to do the other way around because I know that there's no good on keeping yourself from the agony of pain by listening to more sad songs. Yes I know that it is really painful, but that's how life is. Well get hurt but life must go on. So better focus on making your self fine and better than to hold on something that is only hurting you. Besides, everyone deserve to be happy.
  24. Who's your favorite band?

    I love Adele and Amy Winehouse. I guess I love individual singers, rather than the band. However, if I have to choose a favorite band, it will always be The Doors. I love listening to Jim Morrison and The Doors. My favorite song from this band is People are Strange. I am not a fan of Pink Floyd but I love Another Brick in the Wall very much. Watch this
  25. Do you have any breakup songs?

    Yes of course, well for me the song from pearl jam "black". I like the lyrics, and the way eddie vedder sing that song, with the help of audience, simply amazing. It's always reminds me about her. Specially this line "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky, But why, why, why can't it be, can't it be mine?"..
  26. Who's your favorite band?

    It's nearly impossible for me to choose one band that is my favorite. I listen to a pretty wide variety of music, and I have top artists from all across the board. If I had to choose one, Glass Animals has stood out as one of my favorite groups for a long while, though. They have such a unique and airy sound. I fell in love with their work after their first release, and was subsequently blown away by their second album as well. I'm impressed with the way they can alter their sound in a manner that the albums still sound vastly different from one another, but they're still obviously Glass Animals albums. You know what I mean? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd9p4n5hLEg

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