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Post here your favorite quotes and the reason behind it. :)


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  2. Quote of the day

    I think that applies in all kind of relationships... people who love you or make sense in you life are most important than materials things... everybody is an anchor in the course of you path and we donĀ“t have to take them from granted.
  3. Quote of the day

    This is one of my favorite quotes, "Treasure your relationships, not your possessions." It gives me a deep meaning of how important is a relationship. I have a girlfriend and we are in 2 years relationship. I sometimes take her for granted because of my earthly possessions. And it's late to realize that I'm the one to be blame of our break up.
  4. Quote of the day

    I like this quote and I really believe in it. Mine is 'whatever you sow, you shall reap'. It means that you should always do to others what you want done to you. It's basically taught by all the major religions and the basis of Karma.
  5. What is your favorite quote and why?

    I am inspired with the quote, "Everything happens for a reason". This quote has taught me how to possess a positive attitude in the midst of whatever circumstances I have encountered. I've made numerous mistakes and facing its consequences. But, despite all those regrets and failures, I've learnt how to be still and stand strong.I've learnt how to accept everything that happened in my life. I gradually understood the real purpose why these things are happening in my life.
  6. What is your favorite quote and why?

    I have a few list of quotes that I like but this particular quote I can say I can relate. Spend your everyday life with full positiveness and don't let negativity pulls you away. If you think positively, you can see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. Don't build a wall in front, instead, build a road towards your future.
  7. My favorite quote is fairly short and easy to understand. "Don't think, just do" - Horace I've had a lot of anxiety issues and OCD overthinking in the past and it took me years to get it under control. One of the doctors that I was seeing actually told me this quote and she said: "Whenever you will start overthinking, don't and just do." It actually worked because my thoughts kept me back many times through life. Now, I try to live by that quote and I feel more relaxed, freer and I just go with whatever happens.
  8. It was a "due" date for me to pay my water bill and so I went to the office one day to pay it. And then, when I was at the counter I saw this very inspiring quote printed on a piece of sticker attached on a see-through window. It says, "Learn from the past, but plan for the future by focusing on today." It was something that really caught my attention and I memorized it. Most of us if not all have some history we don't like, a mistake we shouldn't have done, a skeleton in the closet, a bad memory. I have learned from those things and tried to be a better person in the best way I can. And yes, with the past experience we learn a lot from it and by that, we plan for our next move. I am now doing it today because it is today that matters the most. What we are Today is what we will be tomorrow. Learning is very important. As the saying goes, "learning is a continuous lifetime process." We learn from our experience; and from our experience, we learn to be wise, we learn to be a better person, to be excellent, to become what we are destined to be, the purpose why we exist.
  9. What is your favorite quote and why?

    LOL, my grandma used to say similar stuff to me when I was a kid. We had it also on our school's hall wall. There were some Latin sayings that i remember, like: or: The first one, when translated says that " A raven will never pick out an eye to another raven". The rough explanation is that people sail will never have their differences, will always stick together, or something like that. The other one says "I am a human being so nothing human could be strange to me". I find them kinda cool because they sound fierce but are also educational.
  10. Movie Quotes

    I really like this quote by Andy Dufresne from the movie Shawshank Redemption. As long as there is hope, there will always be sunlight. Hope is one of the most beautiful thing in this world. Life is dead without hope. Even the most content and happiest person in this world is still hoping everyday, because hope is a good thing. There are times in life where hope is misunderstood. Sometimes people used hope to escape but what they really hoping is to end life. That's when hope is not the hope that people should be thinking, because hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies.
  11. What is your favorite quote and why?

    Mahatma Gandhi's quote is what I like the most. Before we can edit a big picture we must start with the minute details. Change must really come from ourselves in order to see change in others too and it will then reflect in our society. It should start from within. That is why as a reminder to myself, I always keep this in sight and placed it underneath the glass of my dining table.
  12. What is your favorite quote and why?

    Here are some of my favorite quotes. You should find happiness in something you have and not on the things you desire (unknown) If life gives you lemon, make orange juice and make the people wondering how did you do it (unknown)
  13. What is your favorite quote and why?

    I am now working and since elementary, this quote is the only saying that I remember out of all those posted on walls in our classroom. Do not do unto others what you don't like others do unto you is the saying that drives my life. For you to be treated goodly by the people around you, you must be good to them as well, a good karma in short.
  14. What is your favorite quote and why?

    That one there is one of my favorite quote. It keeps me going when things get rough. It gives me the strength and the will to go on.
  15. What is your favorite quote and why?

    I guess this is my favorite quote. It reflects my life and all the thoughts in my head. I am a very passionate person so my head is always dizzy and disturbed. This quote helps me when I am confused.
  16. This just gives peace for me especially in times when I am getting frustrated with some people or life in general. Change is inevitable and people and life events will dishearten us. This reminds me to just let things be and move on. Remembering this makes me feel more calm even if things don't go my way. I still get frustrated but just for a short while and just move on.
  17. Quote of the day

    "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." In life, we tend to feel small whenever we find ourselves not capable of helping. It is not only the material things that count but the sincerity behind it is the most important. Every time a friend is calling for help, just being present in the picture is an act of love and kindness. Kindness can't be measured because real kindness is coming from the heart where love is.
  18. What is your favorite quote and why?

    My favorite quote is "If you want a job well done, Do it alone." - Napoleon Bonaparte This is my mantra in life. You might think that I am not a team player, but that's wrong. I am a good team player and has a superb leadership skills. It's just that whenever I'm working with a team, the output is not as pleasing or great for me compared if I did it alone.
  19. There is this one quote that helps me think about life in a way that I don't usually do. "You can be very wild and still be very wise." - Yoko Ono I believe that every person should get to have a time wherein they can do the things they want without anyone stopping them. I am a self-proclaimed introvert. I always stay at home when I'm not in school. This quote made me realized that I should think outside of the box and it is not scary to be outside of my comfort zone and experience life.

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