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Discussion of US-centric news and politics that don't fit into the "World News" Category!


Politics and Society
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  2. @NickJ yeah, I agree with you, Trump isn't doing much good for democracy - in fact, he is doing quite the opposite! But this report also highlights the fact that people in the US are losing faith in their political system and the two political parties that dominate the political landscape in the US. And we can't blame that on Trump because according to this report, it's a problem that's been ongoing for quite some time.
  3. In my opinion, Trump is doing his best to use certain tools to pull America away from being run like a true democracy. While I believe America will always remain as a true democracy, Trump is the most undemocratic president we've had in awhile. Hence the results of this study.
  4. Last year, and for the first time, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which publishes annual reports on the development of democracy, demoted the US from a full democracy to a flawed democracy. CNBC reported on this story: And apparently, Americans can't blame it all on Trump. The US has been on the brink of becoming a flawed democracy for several years, and it would have slipped below 8.0 no matter the election result in 2016. Instead, the EIU says dwindling trust in the US political system, the government and its elected representatives are the cause for the US becoming a flawed democracy. What are your thoughts on this story? Can the US become a full democracy again, or is it going to slip further down in democracy rankings?
  5. So is it safe to say to avoid those related to "Trump News" for now and look for IPO's or maybe into the smaller markets? With the current trend of the market nowadays, its quite difficult to speculate where it'll end up. Can't even say when a bear or a bull will show up. Might just end up doing day trading.
  6. The stock market always has fluctuations so it is not unheard of that this would happen. I think that there are several people who have seen this coming. It may not be a catrosphic event but just normal growing pains so we will see how this plays out in the future. I am guessing the market will continue to grow.
  7. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-dow-jones-stock-market-falls-20180205-story.html Looks like we are finally seeing some of the market corrections that people have been waiting for. To be fair, the Dow Jones is still about 4,000 points above where it was at this time last year. The stock market was one of the few places where Trumpists claimed victory (despite not actually having much directly to do with this phenomenon) and it will be interesting to see if this trend continues and how it affects his remaining base. Some on the right are chiding liberals for being too alarmist (and getting too excited) over this drop, and fully anticipate that the market will continue to grow at unsustainable rates.

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