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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I prefer to fall in love, it doesn't matter if the person doesn't love me back. But I prefer to know that I loved with all my heart, to know that I didn't show all my real feelings to the person. Also being loved is amazing but if the relationship ends you might feel bad for not love the other one with the same magnitude.
  3. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    I cannot go for jogging or run in the morning. I have to go to work in the morning. I drive a motorbike to the college where I teach language and pedagogy. My class starts at 7 and I need to get ready by 6. Therefore, my preferred time for running or jogging is in the late afternoon.
  4. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    Well, I am a night-owl and always has been. I've tried to keep a routine and exercise early in the mornings, especially during the summers when it's not dark 24/7 outside. But it never works and it has never felt right for me, if you know what I mean. I guess my body just performs better later in the day.
  5. Summer or Winter?

    I would definitely go with summer. I can't stand the cold weather and winter kind of affects my mood, I am feeling blue when it's cold outside. However I love the winter Holidays, so it's pretty much the only time when I enjoy winter. Summer is my soul season. I love trips on the seaside, or backpacking, I love to lay down and watch the stars on a chill summer night.
  6. Summer or Winter?

    I live in a tropical country and we do not have winter here. So just for this, I will choose winter for me to be able to experience having snow in my hand and the cold weather perfect to take a sip of hot chocolate and cuddle with my loved one. I also love to see white surrounding covered with soft snow just like those I'm seeing with kdramas. Furthermore, I also want to experience talking and there's some smoke coming out sign of a very cold weather I'm experiencing.
  7. Summer or Winter?

    I would choose winter over summre here where I live. I hate the heat and humidity of summer. There are so many bugs as well. I honestly can't stand the summer in this location. The only good thing about it is swimming. Of the two, I like winter better, although fall is really my favorite season.
  8. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    It's up to my Schedules. Sometimes I'm working at night sometimes, just a normal working hours. But I prefer a morning run, Much more easier to get sweat, and much more safer to run in the morning.
  9. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    I prefer a morning run. You should learn to control your body and not let your body control you. This is a clear lack of motivation, which is okay. Sometimes in life we just don't feel like doing things. Maybe working out is not for you.Try taking walks or team sports . Not everyone is made for the Gym or going for a run. The problem with running in the evening, you give your body too much excitement and energy and you may find it hard to sleep. However everyone is different. This may not apply to you.
  10. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    In short, you do nothing the whole day? Hahaha. Try to find some motivation brother. It is good for our body to be involved in some activities for quite some time.
  11. I prefer falling in love first, and then she falls in love with me too. It is much more amazing to give love, than receiving it. But of course, it is also a great feeling to be loved back.
  12. Summer or Winter?

    I live in the Philippines so I would choose summer but I wanted to experience winter. I have a lot of friends and family who lives in a country that has 4 seasons or at least winter and they are telling me that I would die to go back in the Philippines because of the weather here rather than experiencing winter. I just wanted to experience at least once.
  13. Summer or Winter?

    Since I live in a tropical country I would go for summer. Summer is the best time of the season here because that's the end of the school year and spend their long holidays due to Holy Week. It's also the best time to go on vacation to the beaches. Though I love also to experience winter because I love to see a snow and play with it.
  14. I'll choose falling in love, the feeling of falling for someone is unique and special.
  15. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    Haha, I couldn't help myself not laughing out loud reading this your comment @Simon, maybe you always go to bed very late at night which is why you find it difficult waking up on time and being in good shape. This happens to me anytime I go to bed from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am, once it's morning I always get headaches not to talk more of running. So therefore, I opt to hit my bed early before 10:00 pm in order to wake up very early to go for my morning run.
  16. Summer or Winter?

    If there isn't snow in winter, I could easily cope with the cold and a little bit of rain. It's somehow better than the scorching sun, because the human body does not respond to too much heat well. Personally, I tend to get pimple reactions when I'm beaten much by the sun. So I would prefer winter in such situation if it's not snowing.
  17. Summer or Winter?

    I would go with winter. I am living in a tropical country and we do not experience winter here. Its just a sunny or rainy day here, its actually fine as we can go to beaches most of the time. However I do not really like the feeling of sweating whenever I go out. Hot weather is my weakness. I can’t even sleep without airconditioning even during ber months where the weather is cold already. I like snow! I like to see villages covered in thick white blanket of snow. It feels so magical for me. Though I tend to just eat and sleep most of the time on a winter I guess.
  18. Summer or Winter?

    I will definitely go with the winter for a few simple reasons. First of all, I hate the heat. We can easily get temperatures up to 40°C and it is exhausting. Being cold is easier since you can just put on some extra clothes. Second reason is that I love the winter activites. I do a lot of skiing during winter with my friends. And the best of all, my birthday is during winter, haha.
  19. Summer or Winter?

    For me, the ugliest moment isn't while It's snowing. I really hate it when all that snow starts to melt and all the car gasses and other filth starts mixing with that watery, squishy snow. OMG, simply hate it.
  20. Life is full of activities that make us act as humans such as the time we are born to the time we live with our parents to the time when we decide to start having relationships with both gender while developing a closer relationship with the other person. One thing that I've come to notice is that love can be complicated to an extent in the sense that we may not understand what we are looking forward to love until we get to meet that person we truly love. However, there have been cases where people fall in love with the other person and try to show such person that they truly love them while on other scenarios, it is someone showing you that they love. What do you prefer, falling in love with someone or someone falling in love with you first?
  21. Summer or Winter?

    When it comes to the seasons of the world, it is something that comes with the positives and the negatives. Summer might be that time when you might he enjoying some kind of weather conditions that might be good for you but bad for the other person. Same as winter when some will feel comfortable more than the other. So, it is really good we enjoy the different types of the season and don't bother about which one is best for both comes with good times as well as the bad times that come along with it. For me, I would have to go with the summer weather conditions, but I know that there are times we wish to enjoy that which the winter period brings as well.
  22. Morning Run vs Evening Run

    I really would like to be able to exercise early in the morning, but my body refuses to wake up properly until afternoon/evening.
  23. What makes you happy?

    What makes me happy is when I hang out with my friends, going to amusement parks, celebrating one's birthday, going to bars eating my favorite foods in a buffet restaurant. I am happy as long I have friends with me. No matter what we do as long as we have quality time with each other, chatting about everyone's lives, teasing each other, and what makes me happiest is annoying them by romantically involving them with the person they don't like the most and by letting some of them angry that usually turns into crying. I am not a bad friend. I was just joking back then and they understand that, I hope. lol
  24. Summer or Winter?

    I love all four seasons and I wouldn't really want to be without any of them. It's just too bad that climate change is messing up the seasons here in Scandinavia, we don't get any real snowy winters anymore, it's basically just a colder and rainier version of fall. It's sad really, I remember years back when the archipelago used to freeze to ice so that everyone could go out and walk and skate on the ice, that's no longer possible. But right now I really want some warm and sunny spring weather.
  25. Flowers or Chocolates

    Is this for real? Okay, I'm gonna send you a message to give my address right away. Hahaha. Yes, indeed that as long as you're beside with your loved ones is more than enough but come on Valentine's Day is celebrated once a year so it's kind of sweet when you give at least flowers or chocolates to your special someone though you can still give a gift any day of the year. Oh, by the way, my favorite chocolate is Cadbury. Thanks in advance. Hahaha. Happy Valentine's to you and everyone here in Redly. Hohohoho.
  26. Working out or exercising is really a tedious task and anyone in it needs all the help he or she could get to not give up or quit without achieving his or her goals. This is where having a training partner comes, as there are those that cannot go to the gym alone. They need people or friends to help ginger them into not quitting on time. The same thing goes for people who are into morning and evening running, they practically depend on their running partner to keep it up and never give up. Personally, I enjoy having a partner both for gym lessons and my morning running as well. What about you?

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