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For all the horrors, irrationality, madness, lols and memes, of late stage capitalism.


Politics and Society
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  2. Holy-monopoly!

    When you make a board game thats purposefully terrible to prove the system is rigged for the rich but the people eat it up anyway..
  3. This is ... unbelievable! But this is a US-only thing, right? I haven't heard any similar stories about such weird expressions of devotion to work elsewhere.
  4. Cringe warning! Some workers are apparently tattooing themselves with their company logos to prove their devotion to the job... Yes, for real. The WSJ reports: Employees ink company logos on arms, legs and backs in a show of corporate loyalty. “My son was like, ‘You’re an idiot,’” says one executive And don't think for a second that a tattoo will save your job: Your employer don't give a shit about your "loyalty" to their company: This is just sad.

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