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About This Club

For all the horrors, irrationality, madness, lols and memes, of late stage capitalism.


Politics and Society
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Millennials thinking about climate change vs. baby boomers thinking about cashing out.
  3. The world is just getting better and better thanks to more growth and capitalism! Surely this is correct? After all, people like Hans Rosling and other "new optimists" claims this to be the case. In fact, they have been hammering down this notion a long time now, that everything is going just fine with the world today. But while their statistics and numbers are correct their conclusions are dishonest. In fact, these scientists and politicians, Rosling included, have actually used distorted statistics in an effort to push their pro-capitalism message while completely ignoring other crushing facts and realities of capitalism (such as global warming). Check out this video to hear a counter-argument to this common notion pushed by people like Hans Rosling: "Is the world only becoming better and better? How are increases in wealth and life expectancy affected by social inequalities? Why do we hear so little about the global increase in mental illness and its development over time? These are some of the questions that Roland Paulsen, associate professor of sociology, discusses in this video, which is also a comment on some of the claims of Hans Rosling and other New Optimists."
  4. There's gotta be more to life than this?
  5. Simon


    Amazon - from late stage crapitalism to neo-feudalism.
  6. Sanjo


    When you make a board game thats purposefully terrible to prove the system is rigged for the rich but the people eat it up anyway..
  7. This is ... unbelievable! But this is a US-only thing, right? I haven't heard any similar stories about such weird expressions of devotion to work elsewhere.
  8. Cringe warning! Some workers are apparently tattooing themselves with their company logos to prove their devotion to the job... Yes, for real. The WSJ reports: Employees ink company logos on arms, legs and backs in a show of corporate loyalty. “My son was like, ‘You’re an idiot,’” says one executive And don't think for a second that a tattoo will save your job: Your employer don't give a shit about your "loyalty" to their company: This is just sad.
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