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About This Club

It's getting hot out there! This group is for everyone concerned about global warming and who wants to learn and discuss everything there is about climate change - its causes, effects and solutions.


Science and Tech
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Abandoning fossil fuel investments is a smart thing to do unless you want to risk losing money on stranded assets as the fossil fuel divestment movement gains more support around the world and new, and tougher, government regulations, like carbon pricing, that limit the use of fossil fuels are introduced.
  3. Check out this scary data visualization of past and future temperature increases by country due to climate change. Climate Change Switchboard.mp4 How long will it take for governments and corporations to take climate change seriously? Source: Antti Lipponen (cc)
  4. The baobab trees are amazing, these impressive trees have been able to thrive in extreme environments and under harsh conditions and they are known to be able to live for thousands of years, well, that was until they were faced with man-made climate change. This just goes to show how dangerous climate change really is - for plants, animals and humans alike. These trees have generally adapted to extended droughts, they have survived under hot and harsh living conditions, but as we all know, climate change is a completely different kind of beast that will bring extreme heat and drought so fast that no living things will be adequately prepared or able to adapt in time. Only extinction and a dead planet await at the end of climate change.
  5. The Republic of Ireland has passed a bill that will have them pulling nearly 4 million dollars of investment funds from 150 fossil fuel companies. The Republic of Ireland was recently named the second worst country in Europe when it comes to taking action against climate change. This could be the reason they have pulled their money from fossil fuel companies. Whatever the reason, they have become the very first country in the world to do this!
  6. This is something that Donald Trump has always believed and now he's trying to get it into our heads too that it does not exist. He has ordered all government websites to wipe away any reference to global warming. But from all of them two stood their ground and has kept their federal government funded websites filled with information on climate change. climate.gov and cleanet.org continue to be heard and teach lessons on global warming despite being discouraged by the Trump Administration. I never understood how someone could deny climate change when it's evident from science and just the blunt change in weather everywhere. Is there anyone here who does not believe climate change is happening right now? If so, please tell me why you believe that. I want to understand.
  7. A peer-reviewed study showed that in fifteen years more than 4,000 miles of cables that support the internet will be under water due to climate change. The cables that are used to ferry data from one continent to another are not waterproof, surprisingly. Cities at the greatest risk are big coastal cities such as New York, Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles. The study also found that AT&T, Inteliquent and CenturyLink are the internet service providers at the greatest risk. The changing weather is making it more difficult to keep things under control, but efforts to make sure this doesn't happen is already being made by scientists and others.
  8. There are predictions that 2,000 supersonic jets will be flying around the world by the year 2035. This is to accommodate the rich people that travel for business. Billions of dollars are already being invested into this. They want to make these supersonic jets quieter so are building engines that are capable of breaking the sound barrier. With a quieter engine comes a heavier plane which means it will take more gas to fly it. This is what is going to cause the climate change. All because a bunch of rich folk want to cut a few hours off of their flight time, which I understand but I don't understand having to do it at the expense of our environment. What are your thoughts?
  9. Baobab trees are 2,000 year old trees that are indigenous to Africa. A new research has found that existing baobab trees are dying because of climate change and that new baobab trees have no chance at seeing any life. Rainfall patterns in the parts of Africa where these trees can be found have changed due to global warming. Since baobab trees store water in their trunks and need water to bud the lack of rainfall are killing them. This was sad to read about. These are the trees you see in National Geographic, Lion King, your thoughts when you think of Africa, etc. They're gorgeous and we risk losing all of them.
  10. A recently published study in the scientific journal Nature has found that the extremely warm temperatures that we have experienced across modern-day Europe and North America are unprecedented in the past 11,000 years. Yes, you read that right. In 11,000 years our little blue planet hasn't experienced a similar extreme rise in temperatures. And it's us humans that are causing it. That's all kinds of crazy when you actually think about it. ThinkProgress writes: This also means that we have ended the era of stable climate that enabled the development of our modern civilization. Without a relatively stable climate, our civilization probably wouldn't have advanced as far and as fast as it actually did - and without a stable climate we also probably wouldn't have been able to create a global agriculture system that is capable of sustaining billions of people. Thanks to a stable climate we were able to successfully settle along rivers and near seas - places that were most suited for living and farming - without having to worry about rising sea levels, extreme and frequent storms, tornadoes, and other catastrophic natural disasters. So just imagine for a second how bleak our future will look like without a stable climate. Luckily we still have time to stop the worst effects of climate change, but only if we act aggressively to change our unsustainable lifestyle and economic system - now.
  11. I got fascinated with the news that it is possible to remove CO2 from the air and what's more, it can be turned into clean fuel! Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, has put up a company with some partners and called it Carbon Engineering located at Squamish B.C. Apparently, they already had positive results on this "Air to Fuels" or A2F and are now trying to apply it on an industrial scale. They estimated that this technology could produce fuels for less than $1/litre. Image: Carbon Engineering But then, critics argues that this is just a quick fix and could be catastrophic as they're tinkering with the Earth's climate system (have you watched the movie Geostorm?). It's like curing only the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause. They said that the solution is just common-sense: Article: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/politics/sorry-bill-gates-billionaires-quick-fixes-wont-solve-climate-change If Bill Gates' solution becomes successful, that would be really great. I hope that in the process of this experiment, it will not add more damage to our planet as feared by the critics.
  12. Oh lord. We can only hope that this horrible mistake doesn't happen again. His win was by a very small margin in the three states which put him over the edge in electoral college votes (Hillary won the popular vote). That said, the democratic party is notoriously bad at picking candidates.
  13. Scientists warned today that the ozone layer is not recovering. While the ozone hole over Antarctica has been closing, the ozone layer that protects people from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is actually declining along the equator, where billions of people live. The Guardian writes: Ozone layer not recovering over populated areas, scientists warn What is causing this decline in the ozone layer is still unclear, but scientists speculate that climate change could be one explanation: Another explanation could be industrial chemicals, but more research is needed before we can draw any conclusions.
  14. The republican party in the US are known to dispute global warming claims. Donald Trump, being an extreme right winger from that party, obviously would not support the Paris Agreement. Not to mention he's inclination to side with big industry players. I'm not an US citizen, but I am affected by this, so all I can hope for is for this guy not to be re-elected for his 2nd term.
  15. Yeah, it's strange, the US experienced several natural disasters last year, like hurricane Harvey and the destructive wildfires in California, which was made more severe due to climate change. I think it's because it is so much easier to just stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine. Taking action against climate change means we must change our lifestyle as well as getting rid of our current destructive economic system. And because we didn't act earlier we now need to take drastic actions and completely change our way of life in just a small timeframe, and that won't be painless.
  16. It really breaks my heart to see those photos of Polar Bears who are so thin because of starvation. And the worst feeling is that we are the one who is responsible for what's happening on them. Due to commercialization and urbanization, we've been damaging our ozone layer too much. People are less concerned about nature and just wanted to earn money from it. How I wish we could be all more compassionate on our planet earth and consider the thought that we are not the only one who is living on this planet.
  17. It is heartbreaking to know that we humans are killing innocent animals. This is mainly because there are no food available in the ocean and they are forced to eat anything around even garbages. It is a proof that global warming is truely happening. It is really amazing to watch the ice meltdown in the coldest part if the world without us knowing how it would badly affect other living things around. I think it is not yet late and ee can still do something about it to save the environment on our own little ways.
  18. No one wanted to be under the heat of the scrotching sun. There are still some people to who do not believe in climate change. They think this is just a natural thing. I am not sure why some doesn’t seem to be bothered about this. The goverment should help raise awareness about global warming and educate people on how we can battle this.
  19. That is true. We are not doing enough to save the environment. Everybody wanted to park their cars under a shade of a tree but no one is willing to plant a tree. Climate change is a global crisis that each and everyone has to battle. Planting would be of big help in solving this issue. Cutting trees must be stopped. It is an important issue that our world leaders should concerned about. I hope the powerful and influencial people would help us save the environment by promoting and raising awareness of this crisis we are facing and how everyone can help in their own little ways.
  20. Climate change has been one of the major issues these days. If we lose the habitat of the fishes which is the coral reef then that means that we will be losing fishes in the ocean and many fisherman would lose their job as well. Imagine there might not be fresh fishes to be served on our tables in future due to this. Going to the beach in the future would surely not be as fun as it is unfortunately.
  21. It is really sad to know. Not just because we may not have chocolate in the future but because climate change has a lot of negative effect to everyone. We all must do something about it or else many living things would die due to climate change. Let us promote and patronize environment friendly products and stop using anything that would be harmful to the environment. We are the ones who live in this world so who elso would take good care of it? No one but us. We can start by doing simple things like segregating our garbages and reduce reuse and recycle waste. At the end of the day the future of our environment is at our hands and its future would reflect on how we take good care of it in the present.
  22. That's really said. I like chocolate, however, I can go without chocolates. I am a coffee fan and I cannot go without coffee. If coffee becomes extinct, ti will cost the human civilization. By the way, not just coffee and chocolate, food production is also dropping because of climate change.
  23. We don't have sea here, ours is a landlocked country. However, we have the Himalayas here and melting Himalayas is our one of the primary concerns regarding climate change. Due to the rise in the temperature, Himalayas are being ripped off snow, the rivers that run from the Himalayas are drying, the Himalayas based lakes are drying and this is causing a great problem in the country.
  24. I think 2017 was a hot year, however, I did not know it was the second hottest year in the human history. Does anyone know when was the first hottest year in the human history and what was the recorded temperature? The rise in the temperature is man-made. Human beings are emitting greenhouse gases and these gases are increasing temperature. However, the temperature rise can also be a natural phenomenon.
  25. Greenhouse gas is one of the reasons for the temperature rise. When the temperature rises, water resources will begin to dry, there will be less rainfall and there will be drought. One of the ways to tackle this problem is by cutting greenhouse gas emission. Another way is by planting trees. When we plant trees, these trees will consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  26. I don't know how many climate change disputers are. Some people just want to be stubborn. One educated person I know does not believe in it, and looks for evidence to the contrary. However, I think no one knows for sure what will happen with the climate. I have read more than one report that we will be having an Ice Age by 2030..so, climate change may play out a little differently than what everyone thinks.
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