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About This Club

For all things technology.


Science and Tech
  1. What's new in this club
  2. There are no "free stuff" in life. You always pay for it someway or another.
  3. Sanjo

    Desktop or laptop.

    Laptops. Always. Because I sit by a PC at work all day and I don't want to do that at home as well.
  4. How much is your data actually worth? It's worth so much that Google is paying Apple billions to be the default search engine on the iPhone. Last year Google paid Apple $9 billion and in 2019 they will pay a whopping $12 billion to remain Safari's default search engine on Apple devices. Google to Pay Apple $12B to Remain Safari's Default Search: Report FORTUNE.COM The report also said it's likely a fraction of what Google gets out of the deal. That's crazy! Spending $12+ billion to get people to use a "free" search engine and service.
  5. Simon

    Desktop or laptop.

    I prefer a desktop PC because they tend to be much faster and more powerful than laptops, which means I feel more productive when I do work on it. But, just like you mentioned in your post, nothing beats the convenience and portability of laptops, especially during spring and summers. In fact, I rather use laptops during summer because it's just too hot to sit next to a desktop PC. 😅
  6. Yeah, most phone cases are ugly as hell. But for the first year, I will always use a phone case to protect the phone from drops and scratches. After that first year though, I normally do remove the case and use the phone without one - because then the phone feels brand new again haha.
  7. Simon

    Jailbreaking your phone.

    Nah I've never done it. I haven't really felt a need for it, especially considering you will lose your warranty and, as you mentioned yourself, run the risk of something bad happening to your phone.
  8. Simon

    What is your preferred antivirus?

    I have Windows 10 so I just use Microsoft's built-in antivirus, it's free and more than enough for most people in my opinion. In fact, I haven't paid or used another antivirus software for years now and I haven't had any problems.
  9. Shaun Patrick Griffin

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    Well, let's just say for social apps, the Windows Store only offers the most popular social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and they use to offer Nextdoor, but it looks like they dropped it now. Currently, I don't even bother using the apps because I can't ever seem to find any new ones that I like. Mostly, on the Windows Store, I see games, books, movies and many unnecessary apps that I would never even consider using. With Apple they offer apps like Facetime, Friended, Numberbook, Telegram, I don't know any others off hand, but when I do searches on social networks or software, I typically find out that they are only available on the Apple platform. But none of this matter's, because for now, I'm stuck with the Window's P.C. I have.
  10. Simon

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    Interesting, what kind of apps and products are you missing on Windows that's only available in Apple's ecosystem?
  11. Shaun Patrick Griffin

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    While I still like Microsoft Windows, and still have it, I feel like I'm missing out on many apps and products that Apple has to offer. I'm also learning that quite a few social apps I like aren't even compatible with Microsoft Windows, including some software products. Also, where I live Apple is dominating here, the college I am currently attending is going to be switching all their computers to Apple in the next few years and I predict public libraries will be doing the same. I've seen and used Apple computers, I personally do feel those are the better, and more stable products! But what I want and need to buy when it comes to technology are two very different things!
  12. Simon

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    I think they've said that Windows 10 will be their last OS release but that they will continue to improve Windows 10 forever. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Either way, I think we are slowly moving away from traditional PCs (Macs are PCS too) and towards PCs that are more geared towards mobility, touch interfaces, and ease of use. But simple "toys" like Ipads and IOS and such won't do, we still need more complex operating systems that allows us to be more productive and do more precise work. I don't think Apple is close to being able to deliver on something like that, nor is any Linux version. Microsoft and Windows is still the best bet IMO. I have had Acer in the past and, in my experience, their products are the worst of them all. Acer literally makes garbage products that fall apart within three years.
  13. Shaun Patrick Griffin

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    I grew up with Window's XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista until Windows 8.1 was released, and Windows 10, and I may consider switching over to Apple since Microsoft said they were done with Windows 10, but lately with all the issues I've been having with my P.C. which is an Acer, and is supposed to be one of the better P.C.'s, which in my experience, not so much, this is most likely the last P.C. and operating system I will ever use in my lifetime. I don't like the direction America is going with technology, yes, I agree we should be moving forward with technology, but not going down the same path as we always have been. If it's true that Linux is being used by most major companies and Governments, then I think all other operating systems should become obsolete, it's crazy that we have all these different operating systems, in which they all operate differently, and it's just pure madness if you ask me! Sometimes, with somethings in life, we shouldn't have to make choices on, technology is one of them, in my own personal opinion. Back in the day, there was only DOS. Think about it.
  14. These are all good tips, thanks for sharing! Get a Huawei if you care about your battery life. 😉 I rarely charge my phone and most days I can go almost two days without charging my Huawei - it's great!
  15. Simon

    Android or Ios?

    I'd rather use a Windows Phone - haha no I'm actually serious - but that platform is unfortunately dead and forgotten by MS and the rest of the world. I've never really liked Ios or Mac OS, so I'm stuck with Android, which I actually like more and more to be honest. But that data tracking by Google is really scary and off-putting.
  16. Simon

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    I really like Windows 10! Sure I've always been a Windows user, so my opinion might be biased, but I really think Windows 10 is Microsofts best OS to date. I especially like how easy it is to use with a touchscreen on a tablet-like device like the Surface Pro. I can't say anything about Cortana though because it's not available in my country.
  17. Do you jailbreak your phones? I've done it a couple of times and honestly I don't think it's necessary. I do like rooting it to change icons and get rid of apps that I don't ever use. Other than that there's no use for it. I think the last time I did it was my last time period. I did it to my Samsung Galaxy S7 and my phone was never the same. Couldn't update my phone ever and couldn't get rid of several notifications.
  18. I didn't think I would like Windows 10. Up until it came out I only used Windows XP. I was stuck on it since it came out till just a couple of years ago. I'm a huge fan of Windows 10 now. I like the look of it and the ease of everything. It takes time to navigate through it and as frustrating as it can be it's still a good OS. I can do without Cortana though.
  19. I used to work at a place where I fixed computers, cell phones, etc. and we were required to use McAfee and only McAfee for our customers. Since that job all I use is McAfee. It's powerful and non-intrusive.
  20. Don't charge your phone if it isn't necessary. Give your phone a full charge then let it run. Don't run your phone till it's ready to die. Charging around 40% and charging till around 90% will help the life of your battery. Don't game too much on your phone, use your damn console. Mobile games use so many resources(check your battery usage stats) that it causes your phone to overheat and will kill your battery a lot quicker. Keep your phone and apps updates. With updates comes fixes. A lot of these fixes can pertain to your battery. If you have anymore tips please add to this thread. It's always useful for people to know.
  21. A lot of people don't because it takes away from the overall look of the phone. I was one of those people because I never dropped my phone and when I did it was always on carpet. But I learned the hard way. I dropped my last phone so much that each drop would shatter parts of the screen. Now I never take my phone case off.
  22. Jerlene

    Android or Ios?

    Which mobile OS do you prefer and why? I never liked anything Apple. My brother gave me an ipod nano several years ago and it took me a while to use it. I prefer Android all the way. You can't beat the flexibility.
  23. Jerlene

    Desktop or laptop.

    This is going to be a debate till the end of time. Which do you prefer and why? A laptop or a desktop? I personally never liked laptops(I'm saying this as I'm typing on my laptop lol) but you can't beat the convenience. I don't take it with me a lot but I like having the option to do so. I love desktops though. It just feels better to me.
  24. What do you prefer, a flash drive or an external hard drive? Both can offer the same amount of space, but one is smaller and the other is faster. When it comes down to it do you prefer the speed of an external hard drive, or the convenient compact size of a flash drive? For me I like both. I use both for personal and work use. I'll usually grab everything with a flash drive then move it to my external hard drive.
  25. Whenever I buy a new phone the first thing I like to do is check my phone for easter eggs. I'll check on my own then I'll do light research online. I'm just obsessed with new technology. Have you ever found any easter eggs? On your own or with some help from Google? What kind of phone do you have? This way other users with the same phone can discover new tricks.

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