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Nuclear Power? No Thanks!


Politics and Society
  1. What's new in this club
  2. There is no future in nuclear energy - and it doesn't matter if it's the old or new generation of nuclear reactors. A perfect example of this is Hitachi now stopping the construction of a new nuclear plant based on the new generation of nuclear reactors in Welsh, UK, due to the project deemed uneconomical. Hitachi deemed the project economically unsustainable despite the government guaranteeing an extremely high sale price for the electricity generated, offering $96.77/MWh for 35 years adjusted for inflation plus 1/3 of the equity and all the debt. The Financial Times reports on this story: Hitachi shelves new Welsh nuclear plant Everyone needs to stop fantasizing about current and new nuclear generation technology saving us from climate change and just get onboard on the renewable energy train that is actually capable of saving us from the climate crisis
  3. Check out this latest stunt from Greenpeace that shows just how unsafe French nuclear plants are to terrorist attacks. [ALERTE] Superman survole la centrale nucléaire du Bugey, à une trentaine de km de Lyon, et s’écrase volontairement contre un bâtiment lourdement char.mp4 Designed in the 70s, French nuclear plants are unsafe from airborne attack. Nothing has blocked a Superman drone flying over an EDF nuclear plant in France and crashing voluntarily on the spent fuel building. Just imagine what people with more nefarious intentions could do.
  4. Is this a good idea considering neighboring North Korea and its own Nuclear Capabilities?First disarm North Korea then discuss this kind of measures. I know the accident in Japan happened because of an Earthquake but it was found that the company responsible could have prevented it. I'm not for Nuclear power, but sometimes we need to be realistic.
  5. Politicians and decision-makers in South Korea are torn about a plan to continue construction of two nuclear power plants, following a major earthquake.
  6. It's nice to see the world turning away from harmful sources of energy, I just hope they're able to put the jobs of those workers in another field of our ever evolving planet.
  7. Nuclear plants are a bad idea if you ask me, we have other means and I hope to see them become a thing of the past in the near future. As I've read about in other discussions in this group, it seems as if we're only getting closer to that goal and that's great to hear. It seems as if we hear a new story every year, if not more commonly, about some type of nuclear plant catastrophe, most recently that I've read about anyone located here: hanford-nuclear-waste-site-possible-leak. Radiation is a terrible thing to mess with and has left entire cities vacant and unhabitable.
  8. Great! At least the socialist managed to get that right during their time in office.
  9. Nearly a third of France’s ageing nuclear reactors could be shut down by 2025 as the country prepares to scale back the amount of electricity produced from nuclear power (source). According to France's new Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot, that's potentially how many nuclear reactors are needed to close to fulfil a law passed in 2015, by the previous Socialist-dominated parliament, that obliged the government to reduce the proportion of electricity generated from nuclear power from around 75% to 50% by 2025. France currently has 58 nuclear reactors operated by state-owned EDF and many of the nuclear reactors are old as they were built during the oil crises in the 1970s and ’80s.
  10. Here's some more good news, this time from South Korea where the country's new President, Moon Jae-in, has committed to phasing out all coal and nuclear power stations. Read more over at EnergyDesk: http://energydesk.greenpeace.org/2017/06/19/south-korea-scrap-coal-nuclear-power/
  11. Here's some great news! Switzerland recently voted to phase out nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. BBC reports: The future is clean and renewable!
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