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This group is for all treehuggers, green geeks and planet heroes out there!

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  2. Overshoot Day 2017

    That reminds me of this comic:
  3. Overshoot Day 2017

    Sure I'm with you on this one. None of those things are bad so why not just do it? Why do some people refuse?
  4. Overshoot Day 2017

    I believe we should try to change our living habits when it comes to burning fossil fuels not because I consider myself on the Global Warming bandwagon but because there's no real negative aspect to properly implementing green energy and clean air. I think it's best we all learn ways to reduce our footprint and I don't think it has to be by drastic changes. Small things like not leaving the water run while you brush your teeth, to turning lights off when they're not in use, and idling your car less if possible; can make a big difference in the long run if you ask me.
  5. Overshoot Day 2017

    I think it's very much possible to live within the means of our planet. We have the technology and the knowledge to create sustainable cities and production systems. What we lack is the awareness and political will to transform our societies. We really must understand the importance of global and local climate action and the de-carbonisation of our economies, while we also focus on using our renewable resources more sustainable than we currently do. That means we need to change our lifestyle and reduce our wasteful consumption levels - and yes, that means we need to make some drastic changes (almost revolutionary changes) to our way of life. Becoming a vegetarian or a vegan is a good start. Earth Overshoot Day marks the day when we will have used more resources from nature than what our planet can renew in the whole year. Once we pass Earth Overshoot Day we are borrowing resources from 2018 - and yes, that means we are literally consuming our children's resources. And Earth Overshoot Day happens earlier every year. In 2007, just ten years ago, Earth Overshoot Day took place on the 6th of October. Our ecological footprint, especially in the West, is extreme and unsustainable at our current pace. Our natural resources, like trees and fish, continues to shrink, while our waste, primarily carbon dioxide, accumulates.
  6. Overshoot Day 2017

    @Holymacaroni read this: From http://www.overshootday.org/about-earth-overshoot-day/
  7. Overshoot Day 2017

    I joined this club just to ask what the meaning is with this day and why you think it's so important?? Honest question by the way! No trolling.
  8. Today is Overshoot Day which is a day that really makes you realise how badly we are treating mother earth. What do you think we can do, if anything, to improve this situation? Can we be able to live within the means of our planet?
  9. Check out these 20 striking images that shows the negative impacts done on our climate and environment by human activity over the past 70 years. Read more and see the rest of the photos here: These 20 images of Earth over the past 70 years show why countries signed the Paris Agreement