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About This Club

This group is for all treehuggers, green geeks and planet heroes out there!


Science and Tech
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Politicians: it's just a kid... we want to hear from real scientists...
  3. Simon

    Bees vs. greedy CEOs comic

    The world can't survive without the bees... But the world will never miss a greedy CEO.
  4. Thanks! That was interesting. But chinese people knowing more about climate change than americans? Hmm I dont know. 🤔
  5. Experts are warning that the endangered Florida panther will lose an important hunting and roaming habitat that is crucial for the continued survival of the species if a new major development project in rural Collier county in south-west Florida is approved. “This area was never intended for this amount of development,” said Amber Crooks, environmental policy manager of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. “These parts of Collier county contain a lot of important habitat for the Florida panther and also so many other rare species and has important public lands on each corner. The best available science tells us the panther needs all its available habitat to survive and ultimately recover,” she said. “The top concern is habitat loss, but there’s also the impact of traffic. Every year dozens of panthers are struck and killed by vehicles. What’s going to happen when you add 300,000 people to an area that is already very deadly [for them]?” The project is expected to be approved by the Trump administration as early as April this year. Read more about this story on the Guardian: Endangered Florida panther threatened by development project, experts say | US news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Almost half of proposed area of construction falls within hunting and roaming zone that is essential to animal’s survival Another day, another endangered species at risk from a development project. It's all just so depressing.
  6. The construction of a new U.S. military air base in Henoko Bay in Okinawa, Japan, would involve filling in and paving over hundreds of acres of rich coral and seagrass habitat which is crucial to the survival of the last surviving Okinawa dugong, one of Earth’s most endangered marine mammals. Conservation groups and residents of Okinawa are now fighting back and they have filed an appeal to the court ruling that allows the construction of the military airbase in the Japanese island’s coastal waters. “The Okinawa dugong, sea turtles, coral reefs, humans and the ocean environment need the U.S. justice system to guard our genuine national security by rejecting this ecologically horrendous project,” said Todd Steiner, founder and executive director of Turtle Island Restoration Network said in a press release. Legal Battle Begins in Appeal Challenging US Military's Threat to Rare Okinawa Dugongs | Turtle Island Restoration Network SEATURTLES.ORG SAN FRANCISCO— American conservation groups and residents of Okinawa have filed the opening brief in an appeal of a court ruling allowing construction of a US Marine Corps air base in the Japanese island's coastal... You can follow Turtle Island Restoration Network on Twitter for more updates on this story.
  7. Benno

    Ecowar - where to go?

    No plans. Will probably post there when I cannot restrain myself. btw I'm also doing this anti-climate denier thing in Danish https://www.scienceblog.dk/author/benno/
  8. I am no expert on China so I would love for someone else to chime in on this, but I would say that there is a high awareness about pollution in China, both in terms of its dangers and sources. In fact, we have seen more and more reports of massive environmental protests taking place in China against pollution and polluters lately. For example, see these two articles: China riot police seal off city centre after smog protesters put masks on statues Environmental Protests Expose Weakness In China's Leadership In an academic article by Fengshi Wu, published in 2013, the author notes that for the past 20 years there has been rising public environmental awareness in China with more and more Chinese citizens taking action against industrial pollution. And even better, according to the author, environmental activism and various NGOs have actually taken root in provincial and local politics across China and they are no longer only limited to major cities. In fact, as this article and others have noted, the field of environment and climate is probably the strongest and most visible public movement in China today. I would certainly go as far as saying that more Chinese people are aware of the dangers and causes of climate change than the average American.
  9. Were you trying to link to this article, @ghg3? Air pollution is killing 1 million people and costing Chinese economy 267 billion yuan a year, research from CUHK shows WWW.SCMP.COM Two pollutants were found to cause an average 1.1 million premature deaths in the country each year and are destroying 20 million tonnes of rice, wheat, maize and soybean Those numbers are obviously significant and just goes to show how costly - both in terms of economy and human life - it is to disregard environmental pollution.
  10. Simon

    Ecowar - where to go?

    So what are you planning on doing with Ecowar now? Will you continue it in some way or maybe do something completely different?
  11. Benno

    Ecowar - where to go?

    So, I continued doing some Ecowar. But I'm not going to continue weekly summaries. This is my last for now.
  12. https://www.scmp.com › News › China › Science Oct 2, 2018 - Air pollution from smog-inducing ozone and fine particles may be shaving an estimated 267 billion yuan (US$38 billion) off the Chinese ...
  13. Simon

    Banning Straws

    I'm all for banning straws and other wasteful and unnecessary single-use products. If people rely on straws for various medical reasons and whatnot, then they can use reusable straws or go to a pharmacy to purchase a batch of straws. I mean, this is not something unsolvable or complicated problem.
  14. Simon

    Ecowar - where to go?

    That looks great, good job! 👍
  15. Benno

    Ecowar - where to go?

    Simon says... http://ecowar.eu/II/ Just made a kind of prototype for a new platform. Planning to do something similar to what you just wrote. Blogspot will be left as an "archive". Will link to my new site, of course. Will do something similar with the ecowar.eu/site (drupal 7... growing old). Thank you for supporting! You are welcome to create an account and do whatever, of course.
  16. There's been a lot of talk lately about banning plastic straws because they're hazardous to our environment. I agree but instead of banning them all together why not make a biodegradable version? Many people rely on straws to eat or drink because they are unable to otherwise. What are your thoughts on this?
  17. Simon

    Ecowar - where to go?

    I think you should keep the two websites. Either you keep your website and blog as an archive (as it currently is) or turn ecowar.eu into a more active blog/site. You don't have to write long blog posts about the subject. Instead, I think you should keep it updated with short snippets, links, videos, and images about the site's topic. Move your domain name to a Tumblr blog - that format would be perfect for lightweight and "simple" text and media posts. And keep your excellent book as a page attached to the blog/site. Whatever you do, don't get rid of your domain name!
  18. For years, I have been blogging about natural resources and conflict. I ended up publishing some of it as a little book. The book has now been free for years, I rarely have the drive to blog on ecowar any more, and as a result I just have two inactive url's: http://ecowar.eu/site/ http://ecowar.blogspot.com/ I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I should just cancel the sites. But I could also take it into another direction? What is you impression of the sites? Does any kind of relevance come to your mind? Any idea for content or spinoffs?
  19. Simon

    Smog cleaning

    We breathe that smog. It's inside our lungs.
  20. Simon

    Industry vs Nature

  21. Simon

    Just one more catastrophe...

    - This catastrophe will finally make everyone understand that our way of life is unsustainable. - I think I need one more oil spill.
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