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  2. Uh oh... Angela Merkel has just said in a speech that Germany or Europe can no longer rely on America under Donald Trump, or Britain following Brexit. Instead Merkel said that "we Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands" and "fight for our own future". The Independent reports: So, basically, France think Donald Trump is a dictator, and the Germans think he's unreliable, while the British think he can't be trusted with any kind of intel. But at least the Saudis think he's useful. Good job America!
  3. New data from the World Health Organization shows that nearly 85 percent of all Europeans were exposed to hazardous air pollution above recommended levels in 2014. The highest rate of air contamination and air pollution-related deaths can be found in Eastern European and Balkan countries, according to the new statistics. Least air pollution averages and air pollution-related deaths can be found in all of Scandinavia, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. In 2012, Sweden registered less than one death per 100,000 people due to air pollution and the country had Europe’s lowest average of 5.9 micrograms of pollutants per cubic metre. Learn more here: Which European countries are the most polluted? How well does your country and/or city fare when it comes to air pollution?