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About This Club

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Interviewer: So tell me a little about yourself. Me: I would rather not, I really need this job.
  3. Trump arming teachers.
  4. eila

    smart minion LOL

    I think 7am or 8am is okay. Just make them sleep early.
  5. Simon

    smart minion LOL

    Good question! But seriously, we shouldn't force children to start school so early in the mornings - let them sleep instead so that they can be more productive and attentive during the rest of their school day.
  6. SleeperCylon


  7. Simon

    One thing people want from this browser...

    Wait, people still use Google Chrome (when there is the new Firefox)?
  8. Holymacaroni

    One thing people want from this browser...

    wait people still use yahoo?
  9. Sanjo

    Bite the Tide

    This must be fake?!! Or how old is this picture?
  10. jusumortal

    One thing people want from this browser...

    /s means sarcasm the more you know
  11. Sanjo

    One thing people want from this browser...

    Wait people still use XP?
  12. jusumortal

    He just followed

    From Harvard: You want a scholarship?
  13. jusumortal

    Wise words spoken from a wise man

    Absolute power corrupts your electronics absolutely.
  14. jusumortal

    Me on the outside vs me on the inside

    How much is this and where can I find it?
  15. jusumortal

    Types of Headache

    Update: Mailman is going to add everyone on snap.
  16. jusumortal

    During exam

    .... the guy on green gives him a paper the guy on pink sends it back saying: Thanks.
  17. But... Dumb and dumber were naive and a little bit slow, not fully retarded.
  18. jusumortal

    Stephen Curry who?

    Press F to Pay Respects.
  19. jusumortal

    Bite the Tide

    Y'all got anymore tide pods?
  20. /s Here is a faster method: 1.Install Win Xp. 2. Install windows media player. 3. Go to the online library. 4. Type Yahoo search. 5. In the search bar type download Google Chrome 6. Then download it. 7. Uninstall internet explorer. 8. Be happy.
  21. jusumortal

    The Beauty of Our Solar System

    We're so lucky to have lived on a flat planet. I mean it's the only that can support life.
  22. valvulaeconniventes

    You know what this means

    Lol, I hate the guy but this could explain some of his actions. Didn't realize I'm older than him as well.
  23. Simon

    You know what this means

    Ah haha, that would explain a thing or two!
  24. kaisantos

    Scientist part 2

    Interesting fact.....

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