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  2. Evil laughter

  3. Just five more minutes...

    If you watch screens before you go to bed, facts show the bright bright light from screens increases your body alertness making it difficult for you to get to sleep. I do admit I play on my Xbox up until I go to sleep. I should try and read a book or do something relaxing before bed.
  4. Trump is a genius. Total genius.

    Stand back everyone, stable genius at work!
  5. Donald trump

    China wanted Trump to win the election because they thought his presidency would lead to the decline of the US. And so far it seems Trump is proving them right!
  6. Donald trump

    And he hasn't even finished a year in office yet. Imagine what he does for the next 3 years, unless he gets impeached
  7. I can't be the only person that gets really scared for the slightest sound when I'm home alone lol
  8. Donald trump

    It amazes me how a man with such tiny hands can destroy America so easily.
  9. RuneScapeCopGF.png

    This one made me laugh quite a bit. I personally aspire to be a officer, but dont play runescape. regardless still funny.
  10. TV stock photo ad

    See, this is posted as a joke but I noticed that a lot of people have been doing this, especially footballers for some weird reason. Is there a benefit or something of actually having the TV on the floor? #SorryForKillingTheJoke
  11. Just five more minutes...

    This is 100% me. I could go to bed extremely early but still won't be able to fall asleep until 1-2am because of the fact I'm watching TV shows on my phone.
  12. Cat funeral

  13. catholic meeting

  14. Alarms

  15. Jedi cat

  16. RuneScapeCopGF.png

    Hmm @Holymacaroni that sounds like "blue racism" to me!
  17. RuneScapeCopGF.png

    I don't think it was Runescape that made his girlfriend leave him... It was because he is a pig!
  18. RuneScapeCopGF.png

    This gave me a good laugh since I play the game RuneScape. ^^

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