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  1. Today
  2. Everyone on the left that downplays (or even refuse to acknowledge) Bashar al-Assad's war crimes in Syria needs to read this: Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians

  3. This is a good example of environmental racism: Parents Didn’t Want Fracking Near Their School. So the Oil Company Chose a Poorer School, Instead. The first school was 77-percent white. The second is 87-percent students of color.

  4. Yesterday
  5. Mänsklighetens existens hotas av klimatförändringar. För att överleva krävs en drastisk omställning av vårt samhälle, precis som om kriget brutit ut. Läs Staffan Laestadius text i DN.

  6. Last week
  7. Why isn't Reddit doing more to stop alt-right hate speech on its website? Simple: they make loads of $$$ ad money from it: Reddit’s advertising strategies still hide hate speech

    And don't forget that Reddit CEO has said that racism is permitted on the platform...

  8. Earlier
  9. Simon

    The problem with leftist myths about Syria: Why are voices on the left still justifying the Syrian regime's indiscriminate bombardment of Eastern Ghouta?

    Those "leftists" that defends the brutal Assad-regime sickens me to no end.

  10. Simon

    White people don't seem to realise that eventually the far right will come for them too. The left's response to the rise of extremism hasn’t been great. But make no mistake – the extremists have become powerful because the centre-right has mainstreamed them.

  11. Sanjo

    Remember kids: capitalism is the kindest, most humane form of economic system.


  12. Simon

    Please sign this petition and help us stop the mass slaughter of dolphins by the fishing industry in EU waters.

    Thousands of common dolphins are being killed by fishing vessels targeting pelagic fish species in EU waters. This barbaric practice is referred to as 'bycatch' by the fishing industry. Blue Planet Society are calling on Karmenu Vella, the EU Commissioner for Environment Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, to take urgent action to end this cruel and unnecessary mass slaughter of these highly intelligent and much-loved animals.

  13. Simon

    So apparently Google hired new moderator staff that actually followed the company's policies and guidelines and deleted extreme right-wing videos and channels from Youtube.

    Google response after snowflake alt-righters whine: "YouTube says new moderators might have mistakenly purged right-wing channels"


  14. Simon

    Nevada school district proposes sending debt collectors to recoup unpaid school meal funds: The policy could "hurt parents who are truly struggling."

    As someone from Sweden, it's complete madness to me that children have to pay for their school meals. Every aspect of school should be free.

  15. I love K&P!

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    1. Sanjo


      oh ha ha ha! :D

  16. Vargar jagas illegalt i Värmland, men under hela 2017 har polisen inte gjort en enda förundersökning om tjuvjakt. Polisens arbete mot tjuvjakt på varg ifrågasätts nu av miljöåklagare som känner att de inte får något stöd från länsstyrelse och polis i jakten på tjuvjägare. Och idag vägrade polisen i Värmland att ta emot en polisanmälan mot en illegal vargfälla med sax, vilket är oerhört anmärkningsvärt då polisen i Sverige inte får neka någon att göra en polisanmälan. Något känns väldigt ruttet... 🤔

  17. Huh... armed officer at Parkland high school resigns after he did nothing during deadly shooting.

    Two decades after Columbine over 10,000 school police officers have been hired to prevent another school shooting from happening. But two decades later they haven't stopped a single school shooting. But they've been effective in terrorizing kids and students, mostly students of color, for simple routine behavior violations smh...

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    1. Simon


      This doesn't surprise me. I'm always shocked when I see videos or photos posted online showing these school cops using excessive force on young students and arresting kids. They are just bullies that can't do their job when push comes to shove.

  18. Do you really wanna live forever in a capitalist world economy?

    1. Simon


      Not possible! The capitalist economic system is unsustainable by its very nature, it's thus not possible to live forever because capitalism will destroy us and our little blue home long before we learn to live forever.

    2. Sanjo


      give me a socialist star trek utopia now so we can live forever!

  19. 5a8b2a4d87a3a_BattleofHue1.jpg.ff8fd89e42cb6e03fb40d2ac8c7cd81e.jpg

    Let's remember that in February 1968, US Marines alongside with troops from South Vietnam started an attack on the city of Huế, which was held by North Vietnam and the People's Army of Vietnam. Over the next month, US Marines unleashed massive amounts of indiscriminate firepower against the city and its inhabitants. At the time, US Marines said that they considered any and all Vietnamese they saw to be a target.

    The battle of Huế is believed to be among the bloodiest of the Vietnam war and resulted in almost the complete destruction of the city. Nearly 80% of the ancient city was destroyed, over 100,000 of Hue’s residents became homeless, and more than 5,000 civilians were killed. All the dead bodies filled the city with the “smell of rotting flesh”, and US reporters said that “the streets smelled of cordite, burning houses and dead bodies, all under a cold, dark sky and a misty drizzle.”

  20. In this video, Angela Davis talks about being vegan and what she believes being responsible towards other sentient beings entails in regards to our food choices.

    “The food we eat masks so much cruelty. The fact that we can sit down and eat a piece of chicken without thinking about the horrendous conditions under which chickens are industrially bred in this country is a sign of the dangers of capitalism, how capitalism has colonized our minds."

  21. In the year since security forces performed a military-style raid on Standing Rock, the crackdown on journalists and activists by the US regime has only intensified. PHOTOS: Since Standing Rock, 56 Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States to Restrict Protests

  22. Be sure to check out this excellent - and easy to understand - explanation by Richard D. Wolff on why capitalism is theft.

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    1. Sanjo


      Underpay your workers and overcharge your customers!

  23. Självklart borde inte statliga aktörer vara med i en klimatförnekande och antivetenskaplig lobbyorganisation som Svenskt Flyg. Miljöminister Karolina Skog gör därför helt rätt när hon kräver att att Luftfartsverket och det statligt ägda Swedavia ska lämna Svenskt Flyg (Sveriges Radio).

  24. UN-valentine-spending.thumb.jpg.cc6fbaa67fab43becf9f96c1fc3f0314.jpg

    Did you know Americans will spend 7X more today than what the U.S. spends on UN & UN Peacekeeping dues for an entire year?

    1. Simon


      And yet people claim we can't afford to make this world a better place!

    2. Sanjo


      mmm yes if we all came together and prioritized important things we could create a wonderful society for everyone!

  25. Should you cover your webcam?

    Short answer: Yes.

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    2. ivukadinovic


      This reminds me of the Snowden book that is called The Snowden Files. It is about an interview with Edvard Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who discovered all sort of things about government spying not only on civil but also on worlds leaders, like Angela Merkel.
      In one part of the conversation, Snowden suddenly rips of all the cables from the service phone in his hotel room. When the interviewer asked him what's going on, he said that their conversation could be spied through the phone mic even If the phone is not on! 


    3. Holymacaroni


      I haven't really thought about this, maybe I should cover my cameras? But what about the microphones in my computer or phone? How can I secure those? *puts tinfoil hat on*

    4. Simon


      @Holymacaroni I don't think it's possible to secure your microphone, just like they showed us in the video. But at least that's a little less intrusive than video IMO.

  26. 5a788e45c1bf6_PrioritiesinAmerica.jpg.6094392343cb3fe2e8efcc5c37d10808.jpg

    America has their priorities wrong. Why do they spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on their military? Madness!

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    1. divche26


      War is war... a nation needs to spend an imaginable amount of money for it. Sadly, there are people that benefit more to it, it's definitely not the brave soldiers in the field but the high ranking officials sitting in their swivel chairs. And a nation has to show off to the world their power and strength that's why they are investing too much to it. But, I just hope they also look into other government branches that need support.

    2. Joanne19


      Yes i watch it and its so fun,i watch it with my family

    3. JVANT


      a very sad truth.

  27. divche26

    Have you watched The 12 Strong starring Chris Hemsworth? How did you find the movie? For me, it is a good one especially it's a true to life story of 12 strong US Special Forces Team that showed heroism in one of the darkest times in American history during the 9/11.

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  29. You are killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead. Take care of yourself. Your life and your wellbeing should always be first priority. 

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    1. httplyka


      Wow this is a nice quote.

    2. Joanne19


      Really nice

    3. JVANT


      that helps me

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