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  1. Last week
  2. 1834913621_usarmyontwitchwarcrimes.thumb.jpg.71a9de34b2d239de195e2a402c2526dc.jpg

    U.S. Navy Tells Its Twitch Streamers To Respond Like Whiny Cowards When Asked About War Crimes

    The drama surrounding the U.S. Army's game streaming channel on #Twitch continues. 😂

  3. Earlier
  4. Good news everyone, #Facebook could leave Europe due to stricter data privacy laws!


  5. 620048890_belgiannazipolice.jpg.6af61a404c3cfb8456a6744ced3cf029.jpg

    Calls for new inquiry into Belgian police custody death. A Belgian female police officer performing nazi salute while her squad is pulling a #GeorgeFloyd on a Slovakian man for about 13 min. They all laughed and made jokes until he stopped breathing. Then they called in the med team, but he was already dead. He was a mentally ill prisoner.

    #policebrutality #nazipolice #europe #acab

  6. Shaun Griffin2

    Shaun Griffin2

    Good morning! Happy Friday!

    1. Simon


      Hello Shaun, I hope you're having a good weekend. :)

  7. 5wr1rt.jpg?Expires=1600891860&Signature=

    Watch "Trump on climate change: "It'll start getting cooler. You just watch ... I don't think science knows, actually."" on Streamable.

    Oh ffs, #Trump is so much #cringe it physically hurts. Why do people care and listen to what this clown says?

  8. ?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcalifornia-times-brig

    China's Defense Ministry has blasted a critical U.S. report on the...

    #China says that the #USA is the biggest threat to international order and world peace.

    I mean, they are not wrong, but...

  9. acastro_180413_1777_reddit_0002.jpg

    It’s unclear right now how the accounts were compromised.

    Huh, I apparently missed this story (probably because I don't use Reddit) last month. But it seems that some pro-Trump hacker trolls used "compromised moderator accounts" on #Reddit to take over and vandalize a large number of subreddits with #Trump messages and images.

  10. 1598552712041-32446709758b0b4b3cdc2k.jpe

    Amazon has arrived in Sweden, and the locals are not thrilled.

    Jeff Bezos is planning on launching #Amazon in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic. But local consumer groups and labour unions are not happy. In an open letter they are calling on the e-commerce giant to take responsibility for its customers’ safety and privacy:

    "When we meet with authorities and colleagues from other EU countries, we get the impression that many of your listed products threaten our privacy or are potentially life-threatening,” Jan Bertoft, SCA’s secretary general, wrote in the open letter. “In fact, recent testing shows that more than half of the products listed on Amazon and other platforms may be unsafe. This is frankly unacceptable.”

  11. acastro_1800724_1777_EU_0001.jpg

    Tech giants pass on costs to enterprise customers

    These #tech giants have no real competition and they are basically monopolies. Governments need to enforce tougher regulations, introduce legislations that ensures that these big tech companies start paying their fair share of taxes, and ultimately breaking them up into smaller separate companies.

  12. #“天畏棐忱,民情大可见。可不敬哉!”【特朗普之弟罗伯特·特朗普去世 - 观察者】


    苏冀 on Gab: '#“天畏棐忱,民情大可见。可不敬哉!”【特朗普之弟罗伯特·特朗普去世 - 观察者】'


    #杀博,瘟疫,习近平刘鹤王岐山将军们忒。但扛二百斤麦十里不换肩可能, 抗四百斤走大板上高仓也有的。否则朱元璋毛泽东饿死你,无用的东西。装嫩,城市游民健身网红盖伊和 刘荻 啥的促狭 - 副本 (4).jpg

    1. Brucelap


      A volunteer is worth twenty pressed men

  13. Simon


    Mankind's greatest achievement is that we've managed to go 75+ years without nuking ourselves back to stone age. Hurrah for us!

  14. ghg3



  15. ghg3


    #张工李伟赵一德,楼瘌买办忐忑混,最近的高干人事调整,显示垂暮倕咝垂危老领导们混忐忑,穷途末路苟延残喘黔驴技穷【北京航天城(北清路)的新楼盘叫“华润?幸福里”,地价48000,房价可能要卖到85000以上;   ??武汉方舱医院、华南海鲜市场都拆了,疫情却还在肆虐_手机网易网】

    OIP.Zgo1希拉里 佩罗西,sz_20#任志强,#陈兆志,    #胡德华 #赵二军  #冷杰甫   #郝海东,许章润,崔永元,周立波,王岐山,刘亚洲,.jpg

  16. ghg3




  17. ghg3


    #江苏淮安金湖县黎城街镇派出所所长朱海荣日前跳桥身亡?新四军红后代们江泽民曾庆红李源潮刘延东们曾同艚【2012年3月 大会选举产生了烟台工商联女企业家商会事会第一届领导班子,秦永敏、龚淑娟、苗美华、吴同君等当选为名誉会长;刘兰清当选为会长;任海春、刘绍波当选为...】

    瑞伊(Christopher Wray)是个特务或sb,   2015年共产党内讧都不知道,此后王岐山习近平跛脚。死劣种 - 副本 (7).jpg

  18. ghg3


    #A young india National Conference leader died of Coronavirus ; #病毒不断变异,张茅王岐山刘源薄熙来阮富仲栗战书习近平洪森忐忑【印尼累计确诊超11万例 至少72名医生染疫去世;7月9日下午,洪森总理与越共中央总书记、国家主席阮富仲通电话】

    王冰汝D2n2v_kwHaHt.jfif(Dianne Feinstein)乱呲特务话语,华盛顿充满雌性共产党员猕猴王冰汝王又又的领导力。暗里有薄熙来癖?【】a2.jpeg

  19. ghg3


    #Maria Bartiromo book ‘The Cost – Trump, China and American Revival’ #瘟疫搏杀,剿共模糊。窘迫deep state以攮子套推伊万卡的屁股,也是威胁。#谋杀库什纳,迫近。如蹒跚【南加州大约有7800人被告知离开家园,因为他们受到野火的威胁。 位于洛杉矶以东约75英里的樱桃谷大火,截至周六晚已烧毁4100英亩。消防官员说它被控制了0%】

    乌兹别克斯坦议会参议院副主席叶尔尼亚佐夫因新冠病逝,73岁;哈萨克斯坦副防长巴赫特·库尔曼巴耶夫顶顶顶 - 副本 (3).jpg

  20. ghg3


      #张工李伟赵一德, 垂暮倕咝垂危老领导们混忐忑,但不是斯大林毛泽东的共产党的时候了。埃斯珀蓬皮奥注意【列夫.费尔德宾1938年,在斯大林大清洗时逃亡美国。1924年,被任命为苏联对外经济管理委员会副主席(负责苏联工业改造和反贪污受贿的监察工作】

    希拉里 佩罗西,sz_1希拉里 佩罗西,sz_20#任志强,#陈兆志,    #胡德华 #赵二军  #冷杰甫   #郝海东,许章润,崔永元,周立波,王岐山,刘亚洲,.jpg

  21. ghg3


    #病毒演化,瘟疫搏杀【乌兹别克斯坦议会参议院副主席叶尔尼亚佐夫因新冠病逝,73岁;哈萨克斯坦副防长巴赫特·库尔曼巴耶夫染疫去世, 50岁 ; 吉尔吉斯斯坦民主运动党创始人日帕尔·热克舍耶夫感染新冠病毒去世, 73岁;印度北方邦技术教育部部长卡玛尔·拉妮因感染新冠病毒在首府勒克瑙的一家医院去世】


  22. ghg3


    #Feinstein TRUMP  Pelosy death list,Gary Tibbetts, Gary Knopp ,Herman Cain  ,Bill Montgomery ,Bernell Trammell ...   #蚮宪政楼瘌老领导们专托习近平的幌子,李克强赵乐际褪,而实际权力是集体领导,看高干的长文可见,集体领导【7月31日, 产党中央纪委国家监委机关第一次代表大会7月26日在北京召开。受中共中央政治局常委、中央纪委书记赵乐际委托,中共中央政治局委员、中央纪委副书记、国家监委主任杨晓渡出席会议并讲话】

  23. ghg3


    #Communist   Tiktok is mainly  an  ▓united front▓  tool, Goodwill  Ambassador, not spyware. #脦胡锦涛刘云山韩正习近平把戏,抖音主要是统战工具、形象大使,不是间谍软件。如华为【我觉得,这次如果川川选不上,全世界都会加入清算他的行列。   】

  24. ghg3


      #于新永近日被判刑4年6个月,任志强,#陈兆志,    #胡德华 #赵二军  #冷杰甫   #郝海东,许章润,崔永元,周立波,王岐山,刘亚洲,  89【】


  25. ghg3


    #粪坑黛安·范士丹(Dianne Feinstein)乱呲特务话语,华盛顿充满雌性共产党员猕猴王冰汝王又又的领导力。暗里有薄熙来癖?【】


  26. ghg3


    #楼瘌新老政治局迷离,老蔡、小汤说多党制一党制各有优缺点,中新社又吹抗疫显示美梨犍模式不行。王沪宁赵乐际两张皮【津巴布韦政府土地、农业和农村重新安置部长佩兰斯·希里在首都哈拉雷去世,享年65岁。据悉,希里是因患新冠肺炎于当地时间29日凌晨去世的。 希里生于1955年,在1992年至2017年担任津巴布韦空军司令】

    33王冰汝95701_1 - 副本 (4).jpg

  27. ghg3


     #纽约瘟疫,新发地媂。髸产党髸济会各种氝讧,Feinstein分子们恨不得杀死猎杀牛岭的小唐don trump jr,  虽然肥鳄佩罗西范士丹个人未必这么恨【美国众议员 杰米·拉斯金:新冠肺炎疫情是一场骗局吗? 美国国家过敏症与传染病研究所所长 福奇:不是。 】


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