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  1. Last week
  2. Here's something interesting to read this Sunday. The New York Times is investigating the global disinformation machine that is aiding the rise in far-right, national sentiment in Sweden - and around the world.


    Sweden was long seen as a progressive utopia. Then came waves of immigrants — and the forces of populism at home and abroad.

    The New York Times examined the content, personnel and traffic of Sweden’s increasingly popular far-right media sites. Their analysis of millions of links over the last 6 years illustrates how foreign state and non-state actors cultivated, indirectly subsidized and gave these racist hate sites a viral momentum.

  3. Just a reminder that horrific stuff, war crimes, are still happening in Syria - even though we have all "moved on" from Syria.

    Assad needs to be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity. 

  4. 托温家宝批习近平?美中對抗、兩岸關係緊繃、港抗爭局勢升溫 許信良:這是中國近年極端政治的「物極必反」



  5. 脯王岐山习近平王沪宁斗,腯特朗普能折腾,沃伦完了。維吾爾裔學者艾尼嘉(Elnigar Iltebir)已成為白宮國家安全會議(NSC)中國政策負責人

    伊特比爾(Elnigar Iltebir).jpg

  6. Hillary speaks up, stands ‘in solidarity’ with Hong Kong ...




    1. Simon


      gab?!? 🤮

  7. 有记者问及欧盟对外行动署13日发表涉港声明,呼吁各方保持克制、反对任何形式暴力并开展各方参与的政治对话进程。中方对此有何评论?髸产党驻欧盟使团发言人表示强烈不满

  8. 香港噪,司马南胡锡进嗏唿,也许老江泽民胡锦涛在布置第三个埋伏。环球时报论坛,参与者多亲薄熙来刘亚洲的强硬派将皲、书吏

  9. 死水西方,死在由对髸产党的生意发财的既得利益上,如解放军入香港,则西方的强硬派力增,卢比奥舒默等会得以大大制裁中南海。可能王岐山薄熙来习近平刘源也苦于汉地的死水,要铤而走险

  10. 李克强胡春华中原地产研究中心统计数据显示,在最近几个月美元汇率波动的背景下,多家房地产企业已提前赎回超过10亿美元融资。

  11. 天津李鸿忠开展了“销枪爆、除祸患、保大庆、护民安”统一销毁枪爆物品行动,当场销毁2018年以来收缴的各类非法枪支2800余支、管制刀具1万余把。

  12. 8月9日至10日,孙力军在津宣讲全国公安工作会议精神,并深入一线调查研究。董家禄出席活动。确保绝对忠诚、绝对纯洁、绝对可靠...把打击犯罪同保障人权...“枫桥经验”...

  13. 老天津李克强李鸿章温家宝李鸿忠蹒,2019年1-5月天津市服装产量为1044.5万件,同比下降12.2%。

  14. 江泽民胡锦涛习近平烀,天津农商行2018年度报告,江苏帮衰,该行前十大股东中有七家将股权质押或冻结,其中苏华资产管理、常熟市新苏物质以及个人股东刘敏将所持股份全额出质。

  15. 陈希王沪宁烀,原国务院国资委新闻中心主任助理卢俊高级政工师,出任我爱我家控股集团副总裁兼党委书记

  16. 儒教奴隶制,各地甚,多独裁者,而南人的广西广东有益气,李宗仁、黄绍竑与白崇禧共存。

  17. 2019年8月11日早7时许,上海期货交易所党委委员、纪委书记胡坤同志在上海的寓所内去世。经公安现场勘查、法医鉴定,系身体原因窒息 ...

    篸改革派韩正吴志明烀,2019年8月11日早7时许,上海期货交易所党委委员、纪委书记胡坤在上海的寓所内去世。法医鉴定,系身体原因窒息 ....jpg

  18. ???Rachel Maddow looks at reports that a Trump real estate project in Indonesia is intertwined with Chinese businesses, casting a pallor of corruption over Trump's flaccid response to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

    西方衰落,世界大战,虽未必真实,Rachel Maddow说的和髸产党习近平韩正的利益勾结构成压力,特朗普需奋力,否则可能沃伦上台



    1. Simon


      It doesn't surprise me at all if Trump's business interests conflicts with him being President... 

  19. Trump comments on ‘tricky’ Hong Kong situation ...
    Donald Trump comments on ‘tricky’ Hong Kong situation

    1 day ago · The situation in Hong Kong was “tricky” according to US President Donald Trump, but he hoped the crisis would be worked out without anyone getting hurt or killed. Trump’s remarks, to ...



  20. 脯江泽民温家宝欲统战华盛顿柏林的右派面瓜,大巴贴着跨国财阀施耐德电气的广告,说携手同行数字化


  21. 香港民运唿,温家宝江泽民贾庆林胡锦涛鳠,蔡奇李希的直升机盘旋。不是八九年了,智慧竞赛


  22. Earlier
  23. Simon



    It is time for liberals and leftists who lambast Mitch McConnell to admit to themselves that the hippie-punching Pelosi has become a Trump enabler too.

    Nancy Pelosi has become a Trump enabler, and it's time for all liberals and leftists to admit that.

  24. Simon


    When you push for and cheer new laws introduced to combat Nazis, you must also consider that these laws are to be used by the same police force that has consistently been lax against Nazis but violent against all sorts of peaceful anti-fascists. New laws give the police greater freedoms to do more of the same. These new laws will most likely not be extensively used against Nazis, rather they will be used to target anti-fascists and left-leaning activists that the elite consider a threat against the political and economic system.

  25. Simon



    Recent incidents of Trump officials being confronted in public for their role in the administration’s separation and imprisonment of immigrant families have driven renewed concern about the lack of civility in U.S. politics. The Onion presents tips for staying civil in a debate about child prisons.

    The Onion gives us all some handy tips for staying civil while debating child prisons, such as: "Consider that we all have different perspectives stemming from things like age, ethnicity, or level of racism." 👌

  26. Shaun Griffin

    Shaun Griffin


    1. Simon


      Hello! 👋

  27. Simon


    Non-military households would pay a "war tax" to help cover the health care of veterans of newly-authorized wars under a plan Beto O'Rourke's campaign unveiled on Monday.

    would you like to know more starship troopers GIF

    Would you like to know more?

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