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  2. Jeremy Corbyn the absolute boy! đŸ˜đŸ€—


  3. Jeremy Corbyn warns about the risk of losing jobs to robots and that new technology has led to "a more rapacious and exploitative form of capitalism". Instead Corbyn suggest that robots in the workplace should be owned and controlled by workers rather than bosses, the BBC reports. Corbyn also suggest that "gig economy" firms like Uber should be replaced by co-operatives owned by the workers, and where the drivers would collectively set their own salaries and working conditions. YES! FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY GAY SPACE COMMUNISM!
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  5. What games are you currently playing? I recently re-installed good ol' Team Fortress 2 and I've been having a blast with this old classic which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. And apparently Valve are working on a big new TF2 update that will be released soon, which frankly is pretty damn amazing for a game that is 10 years old.
  6. This is just heartbreaking! In a colony of about 40 000 AdĂ©lie penguins in East Antarctica only two(!) chicks survived this year's breeding season. The catastrophic breeding event is a result of climate change, as well as overfishing, oil drilling and pollution. The Guardian reports: Penguin disaster as only two chicks survive from colony of 40,000 And it's not just about climate change, as John Sauven notes: Penguins starving to death is a sign that something’s very wrong in the Antarctic AdĂ©lie penguins tend to be regarded as as a species that could adapt better than other species to a rapidly changing climate. But coupled with both global warming and overfishing, they are having a hard time to survive - as this catastrophic breeding event so brutally shows. Source: Thousands of penguin chicks starve in Antarctica
  7. VÀnsterpartiets Jonas Sjöstedt krossar Moderaternas nya partiledare, Ulf Kristersson, i riksdagen. Se videon!

    Detta var veckans politiska höjdpunkt mÄste jag ÀndÄ sÀga.

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  9. The horrific scenes from the Catalan Referendum shows that the police is no protector or guarantor of democracy. Instead they willingly suppress democracy and with extreme force beat down non-violent, ordinary people.

  10. Det hÀr Àr lite smÄroligt faktiskt.

  11. On October 10 the EU will vote on a new controversial copyright reform that could kill smaller, independent online communities – just like this one.

    Article 13 in the new copyright reform could make owners of forums, blogs and other platforms that is built on user generated content liable for what their users post, and the reform forces these websites and platforms to introduce complex and expensive copyright filters. Under the new copyright reform, community owners could be sued for any copyrighted material shared or used by the users of its platform that their filters or staff/moderators doesn’t catch. Clearly, this could be devastating for smaller and independent online communities that would be unable to implement filters or afford a legal team to handle potential lawsuits.

    TNW has a good article on this dysfunctional proposal where Raegan MacDonald, Senior Policy Manager and EU Principal at Mozilla, warns that new copyright reform "would eventually lead to more homogenous cultural content, coming from fewer publishers and being available on fewer platforms".


    “I talked to smaller businesses and startups about this, or usually the one lawyer that they have on staff — if they had any at all — and just asked them: ‘Legally speaking, would you allow your platform to be open?’ And they couldn’t, because they won’t be able to shoulder that legal liability for content that the filter doesn’t catch,” said MacDonald.

    Read more here: EU is voting on ‘dysfunctional’ copyright proposal October 10

  12. Nazister kan ha infiltrerat polisen, rapporterar ETC Göteborg.


    Nordiska motstÄndsrörelsen pÄstÄr sig ha medlemmar inom polisen. Polisen kan varken bekrÀfta eller dementera och menar att det inte spelar nÄgon roll om anstÀllda skulle vara nazister, sÄ lÀnge de inte begÄr brott. Justitieministern vÀgrar kommentera uppgifterna.

    Det kan lÄta osannolikt att högerextrema grupper har infiltrerat polisen i Sverige. Men kan det hÀnda i USA sÄ kan det ju hÀnda hÀr, se exempelvis: "FBI Says Racist Organizations Have Been Infiltrating Police Departments For Years" och "The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement".

  13. AngÄende att nazistiska NMR har fÄtt tillstÄnd av polisen att demonstrera  i samband med BokmÀssan och marschera utanför en judisk synagoga under sjÀlvaste Jom Kippur. Polisen hÀvdar att de inte har nÄgot annat val Àn att godkÀnna nazistmarschen.

    Men man kan ju frÄga sig hur mycket dagens lagstiftning skiljer sig frÄn den som fanns i slutet pÄ 90-talet?


    Jag tror inte detta handlar om att applicerbar lagstiftning saknas. IstÀllet tror jag tyvÀrr att det handlar om ren ovilja frÄn polisen och ett svagt politiskt intresse frÄn den lagstiftande makten att ta sig an den vÀxande högerextremismen i Sverige. 

    Nazisterna försvann frÄn Karlskrona under 1990-talet tack vare att samhÀllet, polisen och politiken - bÄde lokalt och nationellt - agerade kraftfullt och bestÀmt mot extremhögern. Av nÄgon anledning verkar det som att denna vilja helt saknas idag. 

    1. simonleuf


      Det finns redan idag stöd i lagen för att stoppa nazisterna – polisen Ă€r bara okunniga, principlösa och ryggradslösa.

  14. Capitalism fuels climate change. Fight climate chaos with socialism!


  15. In MSM, the difference between "looting" or "finding" often comes down the colour of the person's skin.


  16. Varför förskönar och lÄtsas vissa att Anna Kinberg Batra var en duktig partiledare? Hon var ju riktigt dÄlig, stel och kunde inte svara tydligt pÄ enda frÄga. Dessutom hade Anna Kinberg Batra inga som helst betÀnkligheter med att nÀrma sig rasistpartiet i riksdagen. Hon tvingades inte, hon VALDE att nÀrma sig SD. Anna Kinberg Batra var en riktigt dÄlig partiledare. Punkt slut. Men Moderaternas kris gÄr mycket djupare Àn vem som Àr partiledare. SD-flörten Àr hela partiets skuld - Àven om partiledaren bÀr största skulden.

    1. simonleuf


      Ulf Kristersson som vill bli Moderaternas nya partiledare - och som av nÄgon anledning Àr favoriten att ersÀtta AKB - Àr en riktigt fin kandidat. 59a9eb67c764f_UlfKristersson.thumb.jpg.58027f592a691a7eff24d2b209193e09.jpg

      Och ja, allt i listan Àr sant!

    2. simonleuf


      Den svenska högern vill sparka journalister, stoppa kÀrnvapennedrustning, förstöra vÀlfÀrden, sabba klimatet och ge rasister makt. FrÀscht!

  17. Sooo, I stumbled upon this post about our data privacy and it made me think about how protected is our personal information, or is it protected at all? Seems like governments do not give a f*** about it ...

  18. Overshoot Day 2017

    That reminds me of this comic:
  19. Overshoot Day 2017

    Sure I'm with you on this one. None of those things are bad so why not just do it? Why do some people refuse?
  20. It's nice to see the world turning away from harmful sources of energy, I just hope they're able to put the jobs of those workers in another field of our ever evolving planet.
  21. Nuclear plants are a bad idea if you ask me, we have other means and I hope to see them become a thing of the past in the near future. As I've read about in other discussions in this group, it seems as if we're only getting closer to that goal and that's great to hear. It seems as if we hear a new story every year, if not more commonly, about some type of nuclear plant catastrophe, most recently that I've read about anyone located here: hanford-nuclear-waste-site-possible-leak. Radiation is a terrible thing to mess with and has left entire cities vacant and unhabitable.
  22. I support solar energy over the use of windmills, for many reasons, one of which is the fact that windmills kill off a mass amount of flying animals(birds, bats, etc). Solar energy cannot be wrong, why wouldn't we harness the energy coming from our natural and God given sunlight? It only makes sense, and keep the air cleaner! Not to mention the cost decrease as discussed above. I also think we should find a way to harness the energy of the tides in a safe and natural as possible way.
  23. Overshoot Day 2017

    I believe we should try to change our living habits when it comes to burning fossil fuels not because I consider myself on the Global Warming bandwagon but because there's no real negative aspect to properly implementing green energy and clean air. I think it's best we all learn ways to reduce our footprint and I don't think it has to be by drastic changes. Small things like not leaving the water run while you brush your teeth, to turning lights off when they're not in use, and idling your car less if possible; can make a big difference in the long run if you ask me.
  24. Alf Hornborg skriver bra om klimatkrisen och hur kapitalismen Àr sjÀlva grundproblemet till klimatförÀndringarna pÄ DN Debatt.


    Det handlar inte endast om att sluta anvÀnda fossila brÀnslen, utan om det lÄngsiktigt orimliga i en marknad som belönar en accelererande resursförbrukning med mera resurser att förbruka. FossilbrÀnsleanvÀndningen har genom klimatproblematiken blivit den allt överskuggande mÄltavlan för ekologisk samhÀllskritik, men den Àr ytterst bara det tydligaste symptomet pÄ att den globala ekonomin hotar hela biosfÀren.

    Kapitalismen kan inte göras hÄllbar, det Àr omöjligt. Kampen mot klimatförÀndringarna bör alltsÄ dÀrför Àven vara en kamp mot kapitalismen.

  25. Sveriges sÀmsta statsminister, CIA-kÀlla, folkfördrivare och internationellt utskrattad. Det Àr Carl Bildt.

    Åsa Linderborg öppnar veckan med en riktig hĂ„rd (och bra) bokrecension om Carl Bildt. LĂ€s den: FrĂ„n CIA-kĂ€lla till folkfördrivare. Åsa Linderborg om gĂ„tan Carl Bildt – och boken som avslöjar hans spel med medierna.

  26. Are you going to buy the bike?


    Let this flowchart help you if you're having difficulties deciding if you should buy that bike.

    1. GamerGuy


      Haha, this is hilarious. I'm a biking enthusiast myself, I'm going to save this one! :P

  27. It's horrible and heart-breaking what happened in Charlottesville tonight. And the way the MSM is downplaying this attack, blaming it on "both sides", and how they have utterly and completely failed to properly describe it for what it is - a terror attack by a white supremacist against peaceful demonstrators - just makes me so angry and sad. This shouldn't really surprise me any more - but it still does.

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