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  2. It's horrible and heart-breaking what happened in Charlottesville tonight. And the way the MSM is downplaying this attack, blaming it on "both sides", and how they have utterly and completely failed to properly describe it for what it is - a terror attack by a white supremacist against peaceful demonstrators - just makes me so angry and sad. This shouldn't really surprise me any more - but it still does.

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  4. On this day in 1961, the US began dropping the damaging chemical weapon Agent Orange on Vietnam in an effort to defeat the Viet Cong. It had devastating human and environmental effects. Dioxins from the chemical still persists in Vietnam and continues to make people sick.

  5. The problem with many socialists is that they tend to care (and understand) just as little about the environment/climate as capitalists. I'm tired of trying to explain to fellow socialists why climate action should be our top concern. Why the fight against climate change is also a fight against capitalism. And no, the answer is not "we just need more nuclear" or "we just need to get rid of capitalists and everything will sort itself out naturally"... Y'all need ecosocialism!

  6. New categories for the photo gallery?

    That's a good initiative @Tom S! I will add some of my own funny pics later.
  7. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Perfect idea! Worry not! I created a club for funny pictures: Join it!
  8. Google gjorde en vinst på över 5,5 miljarder i Sverige men betalade bara 5,5 miljoner i skatt pga "skatteplanering". Om Google inte hade smitit från skatten så hade hade staten fått in över 1,2 miljarder kronor. Så är det några som bör jagas med blåslampa så är det de stora företagen som tjänar miljarder i Sverige men som trixar med skatten så att de kommer undan sitt samhällsansvar.

  9. The EU’s upcoming Copyright Reform could risk killing smaller independent blogs, forums and other online communities – just like this one.

    Article 13 in the new Copyright Reform could make forums, blogs and other platforms that is built on user generated content liable for their users’ content and forces these websites and platforms to introduce complex copyright filters.

    TNW has a good article on this mess, EU’s Copyright Reform is ‘a dysfunctional proposal’, where Raegan MacDonald, Senior Policy Manager and EU Principal at Mozilla, says that the new Copyright Reform will hold open platforms accountable for what users post. Forums, blogs and other open platform owners could therefore be sued for any copyrighted material shared or used by the users of its platform that their filters or staff/moderators doesn’t catch.


    The only way to operate an open platform under the restrictions of article 13 would be to have a big enough legal team to negotiate license agreements before going to market, and big enough to handle lawsuits due to user-posted content on top of that. In addition, companies would need to employ tailored filtering technology that would recognize all copyrighted content. To put that in perspective, not even YouTube’s filter can catch all copyrighted content — and that’s using Google’s immense resources.

    All of this would make the barrier of entry to the market too high for startups and SMEs. MacDonald believes that would eventually lead to more homogenous cultural content, coming from fewer publishers and being available on fewer platforms.

    You can read article 13, as well as the full proposal, here: Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market

  10. "Anonymous" browsing data from browser plugins can be easily exposed, researchers reveal. A journalist and a data scientist secured data from three million users easily by creating a fake marketing company, and were able to de-anonymise many users.


    A judge’s porn preferences and the medication used by a German MP were among the personal data uncovered by two German researchers who acquired the “anonymous” browsing habits of more than three million German citizens.

    [...] So where did the data come from? It was collated from a number of browser plugins, according to Dewes, with the prime offender being “safe surfing” tool Web of Trust. After Dewes and Eckert published their results, the browser plugin modified its privacy policy to say that it does indeed sell data, while making attempts to keep the information anonymous. “We know this is nearly impossible,” said Dewes.

    This is so fucked up. Are you currently using the WOT plugin in your web browser? If so, you probably should uninstall the plugin. I used it myself a few years back but removed the plugin because it wasn't all that useful really.

    Do you think there are many other browser plugins that sell their user's data?

    1. Holymacaroni


      Web of trust... What an ironic name!!

  11. Overshoot Day 2017

    I think it's very much possible to live within the means of our planet. We have the technology and the knowledge to create sustainable cities and production systems. What we lack is the awareness and political will to transform our societies. We really must understand the importance of global and local climate action and the de-carbonisation of our economies, while we also focus on using our renewable resources more sustainable than we currently do. That means we need to change our lifestyle and reduce our wasteful consumption levels - and yes, that means we need to make some drastic changes (almost revolutionary changes) to our way of life. Becoming a vegetarian or a vegan is a good start. Earth Overshoot Day marks the day when we will have used more resources from nature than what our planet can renew in the whole year. Once we pass Earth Overshoot Day we are borrowing resources from 2018 - and yes, that means we are literally consuming our children's resources. And Earth Overshoot Day happens earlier every year. In 2007, just ten years ago, Earth Overshoot Day took place on the 6th of October. Our ecological footprint, especially in the West, is extreme and unsustainable at our current pace. Our natural resources, like trees and fish, continues to shrink, while our waste, primarily carbon dioxide, accumulates.
  12. New categories for the photo gallery?

    @Chicopingo why don't you create a club like that yourself? It's easy you know!
  13. Overshoot Day 2017

    @Holymacaroni read this: From http://www.overshootday.org/about-earth-overshoot-day/
  14. Overshoot Day 2017

    I joined this club just to ask what the meaning is with this day and why you think it's so important?? Honest question by the way! No trolling.
  15. He always does, my friend!
  16. Today is Overshoot Day which is a day that really makes you realise how badly we are treating mother earth. What do you think we can do, if anything, to improve this situation? Can we be able to live within the means of our planet?
  17. Today is Earth Overshoot Day... :( #OvershootDay 

  18. New categories for the photo gallery?

    I would definitely join a club with funny pictures. Someone here should really create one. Like right now!
  19. Yes, it was a lovely interview, wasn't it? Corbyn seemed really authentic and humble.
  20. Thank you for sharing this video. This was a lovely interview and I totally ship Naomi and Jeremy now. 😍
  21. DSA National Convention 2017

    The Democratic Socialists of America’s 2017 convention will be held in Chicago from August 3 – 6. We anticipate this to be DSA’s largest convention ever! DSA has more members than ever before and is now the third largest socialist organization in United States history. Our 2017 convention will feature interactive workshops, educational panels, resolution debates, the election of new national leadership, and much more. Learn more about the convention here: https://dsaconvention.org
  22. DSA, Democratic Socialists of America, have announced that they are now 25,000 members strong, making them the biggest socialist organization in the U.S. since the Second World War. And even more impressive is the fact that they went from 8000 members to 25,000 members in just a year.

    1. Chicopingo


      This is cool I wish them all the best!

    2. Holymacaroni
  23. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Ye, you're right, that's a better idea!
  24. New categories for the photo gallery?

    If you want to share funny pictures I think it's better to start a Club about this subject. This way you can easily create specific categories and photo galleries inside the Club.
  25. Anthony Scaramucci fired after just 11 days by Donald Trump. It's like Game of thrones or something. Does Trump really think he has to fire someone every week?

    1. simonleuf


      This is too funny!

    2. Tom S

      Tom S


      Almost exactly 9 hours apart. :D

  26. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Not really tbh. Maybe categories such as 'Funny', 'Politics', 'Nature' and so on?
  27. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Thank you for your feedback, @Tom S. We will take it into consideration in a future update to the photo gallery. Do you have any more suggestions for categories that we could add?
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