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  2. 878322857_getreadyforbrexit.jpg.ee172f2b69d03346eb43403043dc6d1b.jpg

    Get ready for more prosperity and independence - which, as you know, is all the Brexit campaign ever promised. 🙄 This is such a bizarre and implicit acknowledgement that Brexit is actually going to be profoundly disruptive.

  3. George Monbiot tells it like it is! "We've got to go straight to the heart of capitalism and overthrow it." Getting rid of capitalism is the only hope we have of stopping climate chaos from destroying our human civilization.
  4. Huawei will launch their new flagship phone, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, later this month at an event in Munich, Germany. But it seems that the new Mate 30 and future Huawei phones will not have access to Google services and apps. Huawei has already confirmed that their new device will launch running Android – despite the uncertainty following US President Trump’s ban on the Chinese tech giant. While it is possible to run Android without Google, it is hard to imagine that consumers in the West and outside mainland China will be willing to purchase the new flagship phone from Huawei – no matter how great its design and features are – if it won’t be sold and bundled with Google apps and services like Maps, Gmail and the Google Play store. Personally, I think it would be refreshing to be able to use an Android phone without any Google/NSA spyware embedded within the device. But I’m not sure the experience would be that great. After all, apps are crucial, and the lack of any major first-party apps was a big reason for the failure of Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how Huawei will work around this Google ban with their new Mate 30 flagship device – as well as future phones. What do you think? Would you be willing – and able – to use an Android phone without access to Google apps and services?
  5. Capitalists: "Socialism never works."

    Also capitalists: [support an economic system that crashes every ten years, kills millions of people by treating food, housing, and healthcare as a commodity rather than a right, and is currently on track to destroy all life on Earth]

    By MatthewJohn666 on Twitter.

  6. "When my life is over, I shall meet up with those who perished, and they will ask me, 'What have you done?' At that moment, I will have the honor of telling them; I have never forgotten you." — Simon Wiesenthal Simon Wiesenthal was a Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter, and writer. This quote by him has a really powerful meaning. Never forget, and never let it happen again.
  7. Simon


    I agree with Bernie Sanders, fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused. These fossil fuel executives knew decades ago that climate change was real and a major threat to human civilization, yet they funded climate denialism. They need to be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

  8. Simon


    Happy Nic Cage GIF by IFC

    The feeling when you remember that David Koch died last week. 😊

    1. Simon


      And make no mistake about it: David Koch was an evil man who dedicated his life to evil. Humanity will be coping with the damage he did for centuries. David Koch died decades too late.

  9. Simon



    To the EU Authorities: We demand that the European Union freezes the EU - Mercosur agreement immediately. Europe cannot enter into a partnership with co...

    Suspend Free Trade with Brazil! We demand that the European Union freezes the EU - Mercosur agreement immediately. Europe cannot enter into a partnership with countries which are acting against the future of humanity. The plans of President Bolsonaro show that we are not dealing with a sovereign country wrestling with a catastrophe caused by nature, but the determined execution of a man-made plan, with the support at the highest level of the Brazilian authorities.  

    Brazil is not a reliable trade partner and its current leadership is a threat to the future of the planet. The newly elected European Parliament must exercise all its powers to defend our global natural commons. Inaction is not an option given the responsibilities they bear, and they must act immediately. 

    Sign the petition here!

  10. Politicians: it's just a kid... we want to hear from real scientists...
  11. Simon


    Here's something interesting to read this Sunday. The New York Times is investigating the global disinformation machine that is aiding the rise in far-right, national sentiment in Sweden - and around the world.


    Sweden was long seen as a progressive utopia. Then came waves of immigrants — and the forces of populism at home and abroad.

    The New York Times examined the content, personnel and traffic of Sweden’s increasingly popular far-right media sites. Their analysis of millions of links over the last 6 years illustrates how foreign state and non-state actors cultivated, indirectly subsidized and gave these racist hate sites a viral momentum.

  12. Simon


    Just a reminder that horrific stuff, war crimes, are still happening in Syria - even though we have all "moved on" from Syria.

    Assad needs to be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity. 

  13. Thanks @MichaelJefbut donations are not necessary.
  14. 托温家宝批习近平?美中對抗、兩岸關係緊繃、港抗爭局勢升溫 許信良:這是中國近年極端政治的「物極必反」



  15. 脯王岐山习近平王沪宁斗,腯特朗普能折腾,沃伦完了。維吾爾裔學者艾尼嘉(Elnigar Iltebir)已成為白宮國家安全會議(NSC)中國政策負責人

    伊特比爾(Elnigar Iltebir).jpg

  16. Hillary speaks up, stands ‘in solidarity’ with Hong Kong ...




    1. Simon


      gab?!? 🤮

  17. 有记者问及欧盟对外行动署13日发表涉港声明,呼吁各方保持克制、反对任何形式暴力并开展各方参与的政治对话进程。中方对此有何评论?髸产党驻欧盟使团发言人表示强烈不满

  18. 香港噪,司马南胡锡进嗏唿,也许老江泽民胡锦涛在布置第三个埋伏。环球时报论坛,参与者多亲薄熙来刘亚洲的强硬派将皲、书吏

  19. 死水西方,死在由对髸产党的生意发财的既得利益上,如解放军入香港,则西方的强硬派力增,卢比奥舒默等会得以大大制裁中南海。可能王岐山薄熙来习近平刘源也苦于汉地的死水,要铤而走险

  20. 李克强胡春华中原地产研究中心统计数据显示,在最近几个月美元汇率波动的背景下,多家房地产企业已提前赎回超过10亿美元融资。

  21. 天津李鸿忠开展了“销枪爆、除祸患、保大庆、护民安”统一销毁枪爆物品行动,当场销毁2018年以来收缴的各类非法枪支2800余支、管制刀具1万余把。

  22. 8月9日至10日,孙力军在津宣讲全国公安工作会议精神,并深入一线调查研究。董家禄出席活动。确保绝对忠诚、绝对纯洁、绝对可靠...把打击犯罪同保障人权...“枫桥经验”...

  23. 老天津李克强李鸿章温家宝李鸿忠蹒,2019年1-5月天津市服装产量为1044.5万件,同比下降12.2%。

  24. 江泽民胡锦涛习近平烀,天津农商行2018年度报告,江苏帮衰,该行前十大股东中有七家将股权质押或冻结,其中苏华资产管理、常熟市新苏物质以及个人股东刘敏将所持股份全额出质。

  25. 陈希王沪宁烀,原国务院国资委新闻中心主任助理卢俊高级政工师,出任我爱我家控股集团副总裁兼党委书记

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