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Steam has a big Nazi problem

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If you use the popular gaming platform Steam you have probably encountered plenty of racists and Nazis. I usually report them but Steam doesn't seem to care. But now the media is starting to take notice so hopefully, we'll start to see some actions from Steam soon.

Steam, Your Kids’ Favorite Video Game App, Has A Big Nazi Problem: It’s not the games you should worry about. It’s the social platform that allows hate.


The Northern Virginia teen accused of shooting his girlfriend’s parents dead in December after they confronted him over his extremist views had previously found a safe haven on Steam, one of the world’s most popular gaming apps.

Nicholas Giampa’s profile page on Steam depicts him as an unabashed neo-Nazi, with an SS symbol and the quote, “National Socialism will prevail” featured front and center.

But Giampa’s self-proclaimed Nazism wasn’t a problem — or even particularly rare — on Steam, which boasts 65 million monthly active users. Giampa, who owned hundreds of games, had more than 300 friends on the app, including some who also boasted of extreme views. 

HuffPost identified thousands of accounts and user groups on Steam in which users claim to be Nazis, defend school shooters, and spout racist and violent bile.

What do you think?

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