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  1. 1 point
    Inför den stora valvakan säger SVT att rasistiska Sverigedemokraterna "är, precis som alla partier, varmt välkomna" till SVT:s valvaka. Men varför är rasister "varmt välkomna"? Journalister kan inte och får inte vara objektiva mot anti-demokrater och rasister. Intervjua och rapportera om dem, javisst. Men behandla dem som det verkliga hotet de är, whitewasha dem inte och låtsas inte att de är något annat än ett hot mot demokratin och pressfriheten. Ta ert journalistiska och samhälleliga ansvar och sluta behandla alla dessa rasister och anti-demokrater som om de vore företrädare för fullt normala och rumsrena partier. Amerikanska CNN rapporterade exempelvis såhär om rasistiska Sverigedemokraterna: "Far-right party with neo-Nazi roots surges in Swedish vote". Den rubriken hade jag gärna sett i Sverige också, för den är ju helt sann. Men trots det så är sådana ärliga rubriker fullständigt otänkbara i Sverige.
  2. 1 point
    I’m currently rereading The Shack. If you like christian books, you should really read this book. There is also a movie for it but I’d definitely read the book first if you’re interested in it. I really liked the book just because of how well they told the story. I’d love to actually meet God in real life.
  3. 0 points
    I'm not reading anything at the moment sadly. I used to reads books upon books. I would read at least one a day. I got into a relationship a couple of years ago though and that all changed. lol I was way too busy to read. But I would love to start reading again. There are so many books on my book shelf that I haven't read yet.
  4. 0 points
    I am a teacher at a community college. I teach Nepali language and literature and pedagogy. As a teacher, I do a lot of reading. I read books on the subjects I teach. However, I also read other books. Currently, I am reading Japanese haiku translated into English. haiku is Japanese style poetry that has 17 syllables and is basically about nature.
  5. 0 points
    Right now, I am re-reading the fault in our stars. I really like to re-read books that I like. Especially those that I can relate with. I think that the main character in this book is just like me. I like watching people and I am always happy socializing.

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