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    Today we’re introducing blogs on Redly. Our new blogging system allow you to create your own personal blog, or a group blog with other Redly members, to share your ideas, thoughts and insights. Here are some of the features that comes with your Redly blog: Group Blogs You can easily collaborate with other Redly users by starting group blogs. These blogs are perfect for when more than one member has something to contribute to the subject. Private & Invite-Only Blogs If you want, you can designate your blog as completely private, for your own use (and eyes) only. You can also create invite-only blogs where you specify who may read it. Atom/RSS Imports You have an existing blog elsewhere? No problem! You can easily import your blog entries automatically using Atom or RSS. This way your blog posts will get more exposure within the Redly community – and with no extra work! Club Blogs If you manage a club here on Redly you can now add a blog to your club – and it’s just as easy as adding forums and galleries to your club. Isn’t that great or what? And just so we’re clear. We are still tweaking the new blogging system, so if you find any bugs or if you got some constructive criticism for us, please let us know here in the comments or in our Feedback forums.
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    Hello everyone and thank you for joining Redly! Please post in our support forum if you have any questions about Redly or if you need any help with your account or this site. You can also give us suggestions on how we can improve Redly in our feedback forum.
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    Watch Internet Comment Etiquette on Net Neutrality.
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    Science classifies us as living things. On the contrary, life without enjoying is only surviving. Living is really stressful when bills and payments are piled up at your shoulders. But we are neither machines nor robots. Humans should also relax and live healthy (physically and emotionally). Loosen up! There are a lot of things you should explore. Don't be too focused on earning money. Give yourself a treat or reward for accomplishments. It's hard to be rich and lose your sanity at the same time.
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    America has their priorities wrong. Why do they spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on their military? Madness!
  6. 2 points
    A (honest) message from Tomi Lahren:
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    The rich are killing our democracy and fueling authoritarianism and right-wing extremism. We must stop them before it's too late. While the billionaires flaunt their opulence, ordinary people are losing faith in democracy as they realize that the economic system is rigged against them. We can already see how authoritarianism and rightwing extremism is successfully using this anger to spread their sick and horrific ideology, fueling the flames of ethnic and racial hatred, and targeting the most vulnerable people in our society. But they offer no solutions, just hate and a further cementing of our economic and social inequalities. Only socialism can tear down this rigged economy and bring economic, social and environmental justice to all of us. Let’s wrench power back from the billionaires. "If we stand together against powerful special interests we can eliminate poverty, increase life expectancy and tackle climate change," writes Bernie Sanders.
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    Did you know that on Redly you have complete control over your news feed? You, and not an algorithm, decide what kind of content will be shown in your news feed. Just click on the My Activity Streams link to create and use different activity streams.
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    Do you think she [Margaret Thatcher] effectively utilized girl power by funneling money into illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland?
  10. 2 points
    Ah isn't capitalism great?
  11. 2 points
    "If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire." Remember this when some numbnut foolishly tries to claim that rich people work harder than poorer people.
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    Another high-profile leftist account has been suspended by Twitter. It seems that the birdsite keeps banning leftists while protecting nazis and right-wingers.This is why its so important to use and support alternative communities (to Google, Facebook and Twitter) as we can't rely on the goodwill of corporate interests. By using alternatives (such as Redly, Diaspora, Raddle, Mastodon, among other sites) instead of Facebook/Twitter/Google+ you are fighting against the centralization of Internet, which hurts freedom of speech and political movements.
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    We have now launched Clubs! This new feature lets you create a small community within Redly which you have complete control over. There are four types of club are available: Public clubs Clubs that anyone can see and participate in without joining. Open club Clubs that anyone can see and join. Closed club Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private club Clubs that do not show in public, and users must be invited by a Club Leader or Club Moderator And each club has three levels of user: Leader A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. They can also add content areas (see below). The club owner is automatically a leader. Moderators Moderators, as the name implies, have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. As the site administrator, you can define which moderator tools can be used. You could, for example, prevent any content being deleted from clubs, but allow it to be hidden. Moderators can also remove members from a club. Users Anyone else that joins the club. We hope you will enjoy this new feature and we are excited to see what kind of clubs you'll create.
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    Have Aliens Found Us? A Harvard Astronomer on the Mysterious Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua WWW.NEWYORKER.COM Avi Loeb discusses why we need to consider the possibility that the... I must admit, this article really triggered my imagination. What do you think, was the object just an "ordinary" asteroid or was it actually a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth’s vicinity by an alien civilization?
  16. 1 point
    If the BBC is politically neutral, how does it explain Andrew Neil? | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM He symbolises the rightwing domination of our media. Yet a politics presenter as aligned to the left would not be tolerated, writes Guardian columnist Owen Jones The BBC cannot call itself politically neutral if it continues to employ prominent right-wingers like Andrew Neil that actively censors criticism he doesn't like on his show.
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    Happy birthday Shaun! 😊🎂🎉
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    När klimatkrisen kommer.
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  20. 1 point
    Huh... armed officer at Parkland high school resigns after he did nothing during deadly shooting. Two decades after Columbine over 10,000 school police officers have been hired to prevent another school shooting from happening. But two decades later they haven't stopped a single school shooting. But they've been effective in terrorizing kids and students, mostly students of color, for simple routine behavior violations smh...
  21. 1 point
    The Intercept's Naomi Klein interviews Jeremy Corbyn in this video: Read the full transcript on the Intercept's website: Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn Discuss How to Get the World We Want
  22. 1 point
    Interesting read: If Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, politicians would denounce him
  23. 1 point
    This is too funny! And it actually happened back in 2015: Pub warned after DJ played Peppa Pig theme when police walked in. "The owners of Cooney’s bar in Llandudno have had their licence reviewed after officers were also targeted with snorting noises"
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    Miljöpartiet rasar under riksdagsspärren, visar en ny Sifo-undersökning. Så går det tyvärr när man överger sina gröna grundvärderingar och istället säljer brunkol och stänger gränser. Sifo-mätningen genomfördes dessutom före det senaste haveriet från Fridolin om fotbojor till asylsökande flyktingar! Tyvärr tyder allt på att MP kommer att genomföra ett riktigt katastrofval innan Carl Schlyter och co kan ta över och styra partiet i rätt riktning igen.
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    woooooooh this is nice!

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