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  1. It's definitely a good thing there's a plan in place for people to evacuate. I can't imagine living that close to an active volcano though, even if the risk is relatively low! I would hate to have to evacuate and possibly lose my belongings if the worst case scenario happens. I can only imagine that would have a pretty negative impact on the local economy when people have to evacuate, and it could be devastating if property is actually damaged!
  2. daggy24

    North Korean Cheerleaders

    The whole thing is definitely interesting to watch but I wonder if it will actually lead to any diplomatic relations between NK and SK that are relevant or helpful to the world or if this is just North Korea trying to build relationships without actually changing their behavior. I know that Trump thinks his strong words are forcing the North Koreans to "bend" and reach out to the south but there are so many other factors at play, and I'm pretty sure NK isn't giving up those nukes any time soon. This seems like their really socially awkward way of being like "LOOK guys, we have athletes and cheerleaders. Our country is just fine!" and ignoring the fact that they continue to antagonize.
  3. daggy24

    Morning Run vs Evening Run

    Well I try to wake up early and run before starting the day, but more often than not I end up running later in the day. I mostly work out in the gym though and only really run a few times per week on my off days from lifting.
  4. Oh lord. We can only hope that this horrible mistake doesn't happen again. His win was by a very small margin in the three states which put him over the edge in electoral college votes (Hillary won the popular vote). That said, the democratic party is notoriously bad at picking candidates.
  5. He's a huge hypocrite as well. He complained about unskilled workers coming to the US but being classified as "skilled workers" for doing useless jobs. One such person? His wife, who got a visa to come here and be a model. It's acceptable to him because she is attractive, white, and has had sex with him at least enough times to create the child. He moved Melania's parents to the US and apparently they haven't really learned to speak English so well (I read this in an article which claimed that Barron speaks two languages to be able to communicate with his grandparents) But he maligns immigrants from pretty much everywhere else as 'criminals' who cant assimilate and bring too many family members. Go figure....
  6. There is a frightening amount of people in the general population of the US that do not believe in climate change. There's been this false intellectualizing of climate change denial, where deniers now hold themselves up as "questioning the status quo" and "not believing just any old 'fake news'". There are so many people cheering Donald Trump's climate denial. I do think there are a lot of citizens who will say they are proud that we are refusing to sign. The strangest part is, there are already communities in the US, even in NEW YORK CITY where rising water is causing constant flooding and property damage, but in a lot of these communities (lower income/blue collar) the people deny human influence on climate change. Lack of education and anti-intellectualism has created a huge problem in this country and I'm not sure we're going to dig ourselves out any time soon.
  7. AP News Article This would most definitely be a step in the right direction, in my opinion! I fully agree with the idea that the system simply creates more criminals. Once you're "in the system" it's almost impossible to get out, even over something as simple as marijuana charges. At least, that's how it is here in the states. Does Germany have a similar situation when it comes to low-level weed convicts having trouble finding work/housing?
  8. I think China is acting opportunistically. Do they genuinely care about the environment? No. But do they see that the US is taking a decidedly anti-environmental stance and know that they can enhance their trade relationships with our allies by suddenly becoming "environmentally friendly?" Most definitely. I have been concerned about China taking advantage of our situation since the election. That said, things like this are most definitely more symbolic than anything else, and mean nothing if China isn't ready to tackle their heinous pollution problem head-on.
  9. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-dow-jones-stock-market-falls-20180205-story.html Looks like we are finally seeing some of the market corrections that people have been waiting for. To be fair, the Dow Jones is still about 4,000 points above where it was at this time last year. The stock market was one of the few places where Trumpists claimed victory (despite not actually having much directly to do with this phenomenon) and it will be interesting to see if this trend continues and how it affects his remaining base. Some on the right are chiding liberals for being too alarmist (and getting too excited) over this drop, and fully anticipate that the market will continue to grow at unsustainable rates.
  10. These pictures are devastating. I fear that as the bears start to encroach on human settlements more and more, searching for garbage/pets to eat, they will be end up being vilified. Polar bears are extremely dangerous, it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and the narrative shifts.
  11. Agreed. I try to make this point to people who try to tell me that migrants/refugees are trying to 'take over' or 'invade' Europe. Most of these people would be happier to stay in their home countries, but it's not an option for them any more. Why would anyone want to leave their culture/religion and be displaced into a society where you are just not welcome at all? It's clearly an act of desperation. I wish more people would see that.
  12. http://www.latimes.com/world/africa/la-fg-kenya-conservationist-killed-20180205-story.html Some of his friends in this article are also speculating this was a hit, staged as a robbery. Anything is possible but I think this man had way too much name recognition for this to be a robbery gone wrong, and also at the age of 75 what real threat did he pose to the invaders? I hate to say it, but with these tactics poachers and traders are achieving their goals. Destroy the enemy and create enough fear that the next generation will refuse to get involved on the ground due to the very real risks.
  13. Very much so. It's so embarrassing to see him put Kushner in charge of "peace in the middle east." Trumpers are really hung up on the idea of change and "shaking things up" which to be fair, is something most leftists have been begging for for years. They lack common sense, however, in thinking that "shaking things up" means putting an inexperienced 30 something in charge of negotiations and pandering to the right-wing Israeli establishment. Plus the ideologues behind Trump (because I refuse to believe the man has an ideology at all, he's just there, absorbing things like a sponge and letting it drip onto twitter) pushing him to stoke the flames by saying we will move the embassy. With Trumps election, the Israli right wing has basically gotten permission to go crazy for the next four years.

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