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  1. Wow, what a beautiful disaster. By the way, it's a tagline from a movie that had been shot in Pampanga I think in Pinatubo also. It's really great that it's actually healed after erupting way back. It's just so amazing that nature can really heal itself without the help of people. That's why God created Volcanos because it has a good purpose.
  2. aecel

    Summer or Winter?

    Since I live in a tropical country I would go for summer. Summer is the best time of the season here because that's the end of the school year and spend their long holidays due to Holy Week. It's also the best time to go on vacation to the beaches. Though I love also to experience winter because I love to see a snow and play with it.
  3. aecel

    Flowers or Chocolates

    Is this for real? Okay, I'm gonna send you a message to give my address right away. Hahaha. Yes, indeed that as long as you're beside with your loved ones is more than enough but come on Valentine's Day is celebrated once a year so it's kind of sweet when you give at least flowers or chocolates to your special someone though you can still give a gift any day of the year. Oh, by the way, my favorite chocolate is Cadbury. Thanks in advance. Hahaha. Happy Valentine's to you and everyone here in Redly. Hohohoho.
  4. Mount Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano here in the Philippines. It's famous for having a perfect cone. Last month the volcano has erupted again. It has been spewing lava but thanks, God that the people around the area were prepared enough to evacuate immediately so there's no casualty as of this moment. I’ve watched earlier the news the reporter said that there’s a good effect when a volcano erupts because it helps to heal the land to be greener. When a volcano erupts the minerals that have been spewed from the volcano could actually heal the land. Volcano heals itself by erupting. It's my first time hearing about these facts we often get worried when a volcano erupts but the truth is it has a good effect on our environment.
  5. I like watching different genres of horror movies. I have watched The Exorcist but not in full length I skipped some scenes I'm not ready yet to watch it the whole movie because I'm a bit scared. I got traumatized watching demonic movies especially those films about possession I didn't sleep well at night whenever I'm watching it. The Exorcist is a really scary movie. My favorite scene of the movie was when the girl turned her head at 360° and elevating in the air. I will surely watch it again but this time I won't skip some scenes but I'm gonna watch it in the morning so I could still be able to sleep well at night.
  6. Valentine's Day is coming. Boys are often asked opinion what they should give a gift for their special someone on V-Day. The usual question is flowers or chocolates. Personally, I love chocolates it's my favorite thing in the world but I appreciate also flowers. It's the sweetest thing when someone gave you flowers especially when it came from the one you love. So it can be both. Girls, what do you want to receive on Valentine's Day, flowers or chocolates? Boys, what do you usually give to your special someone on V-day, flowers or chocolates?
  7. I've watched the uncut video of Logan Paul's Suicide Forest in another site. It's really inappropriate what Paul did in the video because they're laughing while capturing the person hanging in the tree. What much worse was he even zooming the whole body of the guy he just blurred the face of the person but you can see his whole body hanging in the tree and his fingers were color violet already. It's very horrifying the fact he has younger audiences he should take cautious releasing the video. Kids might be scared after watching the video. In fairness to Paul and his gang, they rely on awareness about suicide and encouraging not to do it. It's just he didn't edit well his video.
  8. aecel

    Do you have any breakup songs?

    Have you experienced breakups or bad breakups? Because you would understand me or someone who'd experienced breakups it's actually pretty normal listening to sad songs after breakups. It's not that we want to torture ourselves but it's a good way to release the sadness. As you know girls want to cry and sometimes listening to sad songs would help to ease the pain.
  9. When I experienced bad breakup and heartache I like listening to sad songs especially those breakup songs. I don't know why but it helped me to release the pain whenever I listened to sad songs. I can't remember how many times I'd listened to "Till my heartaches end" it's a local song here in the Philippines. When I listened to that song, I can't help but cry and kept wondering those "what ifs". But I'm okay now I'd moved on, charge to experience the heartache. Do you like listening to sad music when you're depressed? Do you have any breakup songs? Ella Mae Saison - Till My heartaches End.mp3
  10. aecel

    Suggest mind-blowing TV series.

    I have tons of favorite TV series. Try to watch Strangers Things and Game of Thrones if you like sci-fi-drama. Then if you like horror zombies it would be The Walking Dead. If you like drama-crime I'd suggest How to Get Away with Murder, 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. Suits is also good if you want to be educated about the law. Comedy would be Silicon Valley but my most favorite comedy TV series is FRIENDS so if you haven't watched it's very highly recommended I can't remember how many times I've watched it. The Crown is also good it's about the life of Queen Elizabeth. Enjoy watching.
  11. I haven't tried online dating. Is she using Tinder? I've heard success love stories in Tinder maybe she could give it a try but she has to be careful when she meets someone. Don't go to any unfamiliar places. They should meet in places where she feels safe like in the malls. Before meeting that person get his social media accounts check if it's legit or not. Dig deeper knowing the person after you investigate then try to meet him. You can also go with your friends if she wants to have a chaperone, if not, you can be in the same place where you can see them both just to check the identity of the person. The best advice you could give to your friend is not to fall in love easily because he might pretend to be nice in one or two meetings. Know the person well if ever she decided to take their relationship to the next level if you know what I mean.
  12. aecel

    Have you watched Thirteen Reasons Why?

    Yes, I've already watched the whole season. I totally agree with you that 13 Reasons Why was very intriguing you really need to finish the whole season to know all the reasons behind of Hanna Baker story. It was kind of shocking when she committed a suicide and the reasons why she did it. I couldn't believe that she slashed her wrist and there's blood dropping slowly. I think that's the most controversial scene so far some viewers didn't like it because they're worried that others might copy it especially those facing depressions. Looking forward to the coming next season and I'm wondering what's next because Hanna Baker was already dead. Oops. Spoiler alert.
  13. aecel

    Who's your favorite band?

    @kaisantos Yes, I love going to the beaches it's my favorite place on earth though I'm not a good swimmer I appreciate the beauty of nature and the serenity of the sea. It's my first time hearing that song kind of sad song but it's beautiful. @JB Fernandez I'll disagree on that because Filipinos do support local singers. E-heads, Parokya ni Edgar and other bands wouldn't be successful if Filipinos didn't support them. They made platinum awards and successful concerts so it means that Filipinos supported them. Filipinos singers should strive harder to have a quality music, good marketing and good quality of music videos. I'm not a fan of Kpop I don't even listen to them but what I've seen so far they make quality music and mv that's why we can't blame those people who've supported them. Filipino singers are still learning so there's still hope I hope one day they could make it to the international scene because they deserve it.
  14. I've already watched Everything Everything. I don't want to disappoint you but if you're really a fanatic of romance it's not a typical romance movie you'd like. I was bored while watching it, kind of disappointed because I was expecting much from the movie. Sorry, spoiler alert. Give us update after you watch it. Enjoy.
  15. aecel

    Who's your favorite band?

    I do love Eraserheads and Parokya ni Edgar. I'm kind of disappointed in bands in the Philippines because they will come and go, one day they will release an album and after that, they're gone disbanded. They don't pursue their genres and create original music. I know you will hate me because I support foreign music but I do love OPM it's just they should create original and quality music so people would support them.

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