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  1. Sooo, I stumbled upon this post about our data privacy and it made me think about how protected is our personal information, or is it protected at all? Seems like governments do not give a f*** about it ...

  2. Току що попаднах на един доста интересен текст, свързан с появата на интернет, нуждата от него, и предимствата които ни дава, публикуван за фирма excitel в tumblr. Доста полезна информация намерих там, прочетете - заслужава си.tumblr_ooliyl7uEz1w9enqlo1_1280.jpg

    1. Tom S

      Tom S

      so what books are you reading this summer?

    2. vencislava.hristova


      The last book I read was East of Eden - a masterpiece I would recommend to anyone who likes classic literature.

  3. Hey guys! Howz it going? I'm the newest member of this society and it is kind of an introduction. I ilive in Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm a marketing manager at grow.bg . I'm eager to connect with you and share experiences!

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