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  1. What are some destinations in Europe that you would recommend for a wedding? I want to get married to my girlfriend somewhere closer to her home. I'm from the US and she's from Poland. It doesn't have to be somewhere in Poland but I would prefer if Poland was easily accessible. Any ideas?
  2. Jerlene

    The Four

    This is the newest singing competition show. The judges are Diddy, DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor. I love it. They're currently in the middle of season 2 and it's probably my favourite singing competition show. Only the best of the best compete for seats and there's only one single winner at the end. If you like singing shows I highly recommend this one. If you've already seen this one, let me know what you think about this.
  3. Do you jailbreak your phones? I've done it a couple of times and honestly I don't think it's necessary. I do like rooting it to change icons and get rid of apps that I don't ever use. Other than that there's no use for it. I think the last time I did it was my last time period. I did it to my Samsung Galaxy S7 and my phone was never the same. Couldn't update my phone ever and couldn't get rid of several notifications.
  4. I didn't think I would like Windows 10. Up until it came out I only used Windows XP. I was stuck on it since it came out till just a couple of years ago. I'm a huge fan of Windows 10 now. I like the look of it and the ease of everything. It takes time to navigate through it and as frustrating as it can be it's still a good OS. I can do without Cortana though.
  5. I used to work at a place where I fixed computers, cell phones, etc. and we were required to use McAfee and only McAfee for our customers. Since that job all I use is McAfee. It's powerful and non-intrusive.
  6. Don't charge your phone if it isn't necessary. Give your phone a full charge then let it run. Don't run your phone till it's ready to die. Charging around 40% and charging till around 90% will help the life of your battery. Don't game too much on your phone, use your damn console. Mobile games use so many resources(check your battery usage stats) that it causes your phone to overheat and will kill your battery a lot quicker. Keep your phone and apps updates. With updates comes fixes. A lot of these fixes can pertain to your battery. If you have anymore tips please add to this thread. It's always useful for people to know.
  7. A lot of people don't because it takes away from the overall look of the phone. I was one of those people because I never dropped my phone and when I did it was always on carpet. But I learned the hard way. I dropped my last phone so much that each drop would shatter parts of the screen. Now I never take my phone case off.
  8. The Valve Anti-Cheat system has been cracking down on suspicious accounts for the past couple of days. In just one day Valve banned over 60,000 Steam accounts. Yesterday the count was over 90,000. Word is an exploit was discovered and anyone associated with it will be banned. If you have been affected by this there is no turning back. All bans are permanent, not even Steam support can/will reverse it. Anyone here been banned within the last three or four days?
  9. Jerlene

    Android or Ios?

    Which mobile OS do you prefer and why? I never liked anything Apple. My brother gave me an ipod nano several years ago and it took me a while to use it. I prefer Android all the way. You can't beat the flexibility.
  10. Jerlene

    Desktop or laptop.

    This is going to be a debate till the end of time. Which do you prefer and why? A laptop or a desktop? I personally never liked laptops(I'm saying this as I'm typing on my laptop lol) but you can't beat the convenience. I don't take it with me a lot but I like having the option to do so. I love desktops though. It just feels better to me.
  11. What do you prefer, a flash drive or an external hard drive? Both can offer the same amount of space, but one is smaller and the other is faster. When it comes down to it do you prefer the speed of an external hard drive, or the convenient compact size of a flash drive? For me I like both. I use both for personal and work use. I'll usually grab everything with a flash drive then move it to my external hard drive.
  12. Whenever I buy a new phone the first thing I like to do is check my phone for easter eggs. I'll check on my own then I'll do light research online. I'm just obsessed with new technology. Have you ever found any easter eggs? On your own or with some help from Google? What kind of phone do you have? This way other users with the same phone can discover new tricks.
  13. There's always a big debate as to which one is better. I've played both of them in all of their forms and I think I'm more comfortable with PlayStation, even though its newest release has its set backs. I feel it's much more user friendly and the original controllers are much hand friendly. Which one do you prefer and why?
  14. My favorite place to visit would have to be Poland. With all the castles, the Skull museum and all the history you can just see in the cities. Its truly breath taking. It's crazy to imagine how beautiful it must've been before big buildings started to emerge. What country was your favorite to see and why?
  15. There's been a lot of talk lately about banning plastic straws because they're hazardous to our environment. I agree but instead of banning them all together why not make a biodegradable version? Many people rely on straws to eat or drink because they are unable to otherwise. What are your thoughts on this?

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