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  1. Allenafaith

    What makes you happy?

    What makes me happy is seeing my animals but lately, since they’ve all been sick, it is making me sad. Since then, sleep makes me happy.
  2. Allenafaith

    Physical or digital?

    I tried digital and I just went back to the physical books. I like holding the books and flipping the pages. I also love the smell of books. XD I am also tying to fill the bookshelf.
  3. Allenafaith

    Book or movie first?

    I prefer reading the book first. There is sooo much that the book tells that the movie doesn’t. If it’s a book I really enjoy, I can pretty much picture the scenes in my head anyways. XD
  4. Allenafaith

    Xbox or Playstation

    I honestly prefer the PlayStation. My fiancé prefers the Xbox, though. I think the PlayStation has more games for me, like Kingdom hearts, etc. That’s one of my favorite games. 😛
  5. Allenafaith

    Finding new music

    I usually find them when I’m listening to Spotify. It’ll play songs that haven’t came on the radio yet and I just go with it.
  6. Allenafaith

    What music streaming service do you use?

    I have an iPhone 7. I believe it is on ITunes or something for the desktop. I’m not too sure on that since my computer is broken and I never really checked. I’ve never heard of Deezer, though. I normally don’t like trying things that I’ve never heard reviews of before.
  7. Allenafaith

    Flowers or Chocolates

    I definitely prefer flowers over chocolates. Most chocolates I don’t like and flowers last longer and they’re a good center piece for kitchen tables, etc. I like to show them off to people who come over to our house. 😛
  8. Allenafaith

    What music streaming service do you use?

    I liked Apple Music but I’ve just had too many problems with songs not loading, it draining my battery, and radios not loading properly. It was just too much of a hassle for me to use. Spotify doesn’t drain my battery and the songs actually load. It may be different for other people, though. It may even just be my phone. I’d definitely try it if you’re willing to.
  9. Allenafaith

    Summer or Winter?

    I’d have to say summer. I hate the heat but during the summer, I can swim, and all the fun water parks are open. In the winter, it’s just way too cold for me. Alabama weather is brutal either way. 😛
  10. Allenafaith

    What are you currently reading?

    I’m currently rereading The Shack. If you like christian books, you should really read this book. There is also a movie for it but I’d definitely read the book first if you’re interested in it. I really liked the book just because of how well they told the story. I’d love to actually meet God in real life.
  11. Allenafaith

    What was the last movie you saw?

    I watched the first sinister movie on DVD a few nights ago with my fiancé. I liked the movie it just kind of freaked me out a little bit. I like any movie with Benedict Cumberbatch in it, though. The ending was disappointing. I’ll have the watch the rest of those movies soon.
  12. Allenafaith

    Do you think gaming is addictive?

    I think it’s addicting especially when you get really into a game. I’ve seen my fiancé want to constantly play a game for days until he beats it. I’ve never been that kind of person, though.
  13. I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts on my 3DS a lot lately. It’s been my favorite game since I was little and my brother told me about it! I’m so excited for the newest one that’s coming out next year!
  14. Allenafaith

    Avicii is dead

    I saw this and was really sad! Did anyone ever release any info on how he died? I saw some theories about suicide but I don’t want to assume anything.
  15. Allenafaith

    What music streaming service do you use?

    I use Spotify but I used to use Apple Music. When I got my new phone, Apple Music stopped working for some reason.

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