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Shaun Patrick Griffin

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  1. If Redly doesn't replace Facebook, Holonis might.

  2. Shaun Patrick Griffin

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    Well, let's just say for social apps, the Windows Store only offers the most popular social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and they use to offer Nextdoor, but it looks like they dropped it now. Currently, I don't even bother using the apps because I can't ever seem to find any new ones that I like. Mostly, on the Windows Store, I see games, books, movies and many unnecessary apps that I would never even consider using. With Apple they offer apps like Facetime, Friended, Numberbook, Telegram, I don't know any others off hand, but when I do searches on social networks or software, I typically find out that they are only available on the Apple platform. But none of this matter's, because for now, I'm stuck with the Window's P.C. I have.
  3. Shaun Patrick Griffin

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    While I still like Microsoft Windows, and still have it, I feel like I'm missing out on many apps and products that Apple has to offer. I'm also learning that quite a few social apps I like aren't even compatible with Microsoft Windows, including some software products. Also, where I live Apple is dominating here, the college I am currently attending is going to be switching all their computers to Apple in the next few years and I predict public libraries will be doing the same. I've seen and used Apple computers, I personally do feel those are the better, and more stable products! But what I want and need to buy when it comes to technology are two very different things!
  4. Shaun Patrick Griffin

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    I grew up with Window's XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista until Windows 8.1 was released, and Windows 10, and I may consider switching over to Apple since Microsoft said they were done with Windows 10, but lately with all the issues I've been having with my P.C. which is an Acer, and is supposed to be one of the better P.C.'s, which in my experience, not so much, this is most likely the last P.C. and operating system I will ever use in my lifetime. I don't like the direction America is going with technology, yes, I agree we should be moving forward with technology, but not going down the same path as we always have been. If it's true that Linux is being used by most major companies and Governments, then I think all other operating systems should become obsolete, it's crazy that we have all these different operating systems, in which they all operate differently, and it's just pure madness if you ask me! Sometimes, with somethings in life, we shouldn't have to make choices on, technology is one of them, in my own personal opinion. Back in the day, there was only DOS. Think about it.
  5. Shaun Patrick Griffin

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