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  1. That's exactly what I thought! Here's a short gameplay video: I love all the dumb dialogue options you can choose in your conversations with the game's NPCs. This gonna be a fun game!
  2. Check out this short clip of Sarah Kendzior speaking truths about real journalism and hitting back at "alternative" news sites like Breitbart.

  3. Check out this announcement trailer for The Outer Worlds, a new single-player first-person sci-fi RPG from the original creators of Fallout and Fallout New Vegas. This looks like a really fun game! I wonder if it'll come to Xbox Game Pass now that Microsoft owns the game studio?
  4. While Donald Trump works to distract the public, his administration is working to dismantle every aspect of government that benefits the people - and ultimately destroying the prospects for human existence. Watch and listen to Noam Chomsky: Trump is a distraction, the Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history.

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  5. Facebook "purposefully designed a product intended to get users to share as much  data as possible about themselves, and then worked to leverage that data to work with as many advertisers as possible"

    1. Sanjo


      ...and that's why I don't have a Facebook account. 😉

  6. Happy Birthday, Noam Chomsky!

  7. Simon

    Who are we?

    In light of everything crazy going on in the world today, "Who are we?"
  8. Vladimir Putin high fives Mohammed bin Salman at G20 summit in Buenos Aires. Just two dictators that murder journalists having a good time. Despicable people.

  9. bigOriginal.jpg?interpolation=lanczos-no

    En grupp miljöaktivister trotsade polisen och blockerade korsning i centrala Stockholm – för att sätta klimatförändringarna i fokus.

    Det är underbart att klimatrörelsen äntligen börjar bli radikal och faktiskt börjar ta klimathotets dödliga konsekvenser på största allvar - även i lilla Sverige. Förhoppningsvis är det inte för sent.

  10. Happy birthday Shaun! 😊🎂🎉

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  11. Simon

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    Interesting, what kind of apps and products are you missing on Windows that's only available in Apple's ecosystem?
  12. Simon

    Your thoughts on Windows 10.

    I think they've said that Windows 10 will be their last OS release but that they will continue to improve Windows 10 forever. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Either way, I think we are slowly moving away from traditional PCs (Macs are PCS too) and towards PCs that are more geared towards mobility, touch interfaces, and ease of use. But simple "toys" like Ipads and IOS and such won't do, we still need more complex operating systems that allows us to be more productive and do more precise work. I don't think Apple is close to being able to deliver on something like that, nor is any Linux version. Microsoft and Windows is still the best bet IMO. I have had Acer in the past and, in my experience, their products are the worst of them all. Acer literally makes garbage products that fall apart within three years.

  13. If only more people were like this brave woman this small world would be a better place. Such a shame that everyone else just sat there in silence. Cowards!

  14. Simon


    Amazon - from late stage crapitalism to neo-feudalism.
  15. You and me both, mate. 😆 It's just a shame the game is so expensive. Guess I'll just wait a couple of months before I give the game a go myself. I haven't even played the first game in the series yet. Do you perhaps know if the story is related to the first game?

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