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  1. It's horrible and heart-breaking what happened in Charlottesville tonight. And the way the MSM is downplaying this attack, blaming it on "both sides", and how they have utterly and completely failed to properly describe it for what it is - a terror attack by a white supremacist against peaceful demonstrators - just makes me so angry and sad. This shouldn't really surprise me any more - but it still does.

  2. On this day in 1961, the US began dropping the damaging chemical weapon Agent Orange on Vietnam in an effort to defeat the Viet Cong. It had devastating human and environmental effects. Dioxins from the chemical still persists in Vietnam and continues to make people sick.

  3. The problem with many socialists is that they tend to care (and understand) just as little about the environment/climate as capitalists. I'm tired of trying to explain to fellow socialists why climate action should be our top concern. Why the fight against climate change is also a fight against capitalism. And no, the answer is not "we just need more nuclear" or "we just need to get rid of capitalists and everything will sort itself out naturally"... Y'all need ecosocialism!

  4. We were born to make the fairy tale come true!

    This is one of my favourites, and I actually have a framed version of it at home.
  5. New categories for the photo gallery?

    That's a good initiative @Tom S! I will add some of my own funny pics later.
  6. make westeros great again

    Haha this is almost spot on! The only problem is that Cersei is way too smart compared to Trump.
  7. En kall sommar i skärgården 2017

    From the album My Photos

  8. My Photos

    Just some random photos I've taken.
  9. Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

    My collection of Soviet space propaganda posters from 1958-1963.


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