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  1. Lego mission

  2. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Perfect idea! Worry not! I created a club for funny pictures: Join it!
  3. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Ye, you're right, that's a better idea!
  4. Anthony Scaramucci fired after just 11 days by Donald Trump. It's like Game of thrones or something. Does Trump really think he has to fire someone every week?

    1. simonleuf


      This is too funny!

    2. Tom S

      Tom S


      Almost exactly 9 hours apart. :D

  5. New categories for the photo gallery?

    Not really tbh. Maybe categories such as 'Funny', 'Politics', 'Nature' and so on?
  6. You guys should add a few more categories to the photo gallery. It feels like the current category only allows real photographs, if you know what I mean. That's why I think we could use a few other categories, such as a category for memes and other random and single (shit) images. Just a suggestion......
  7. Feedback on our General Rules and Guidelines

    Sounds good to me!
  8. Great! At least the socialist managed to get that right during their time in office.
  9. Sverigedemokraterna ut ur riksdagen


    Självklart! Ut med rasisterna! Men tyvärr lär det nog inte hända.
  10. Supercorbyn

    I love all these Corbyn images - keep em' coming!
  11. Jez we can

    Jez we did!

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