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  1. ivukadinovic

    What is your favorite movie genre and why?

    @marsu Did you try watching Jacob's Ladder? The movie blew me away. At first, It looks like a predictable thriller, but as the movie goes on, you are so mindf***ed and 'till the end of It you cannot guess what is actually going on. Anyway, I like to experiment with genres. Recently, I have discovered I like indie moves. Also, I do enjoy a good drama or a good thriller. No horrors for me, especially those weird ones where everybody ends up dead except that one guy who won because he was the smartest.
  2. ivukadinovic

    Summer or Winter?

    For me, the ugliest moment isn't while It's snowing. I really hate it when all that snow starts to melt and all the car gasses and other filth starts mixing with that watery, squishy snow. OMG, simply hate it.
  3. ivukadinovic

    Summer or Winter?

    It would be summer for me. I just hate being cold. Also, winter is that part of the year where everything I want to do is to swirl in a blanket and just watch TV. Also, it is the part of the year where I gain so much weight and end up looking like a Teddy bear. I prefer summer cause of all the opportunities you have so you can be more active, travel more, do sports...
  4. Hah, It would definitely be What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Look at the words, the song is talking about how life is magic and all those simple things we see, do or feel make us human, so our life wasn't for nothing, we were meant to be the part of the world, no matter how long have we lived.
  5. ivukadinovic

    For you, what is the purpose of love?

    Love is the fuel, the magic, the purpose of living. Love is everything. And we are not only speaking about boy+girl love, here! Love is about your family, friends, plants, the sun, the air, everything around us. Without It, we would be empty shells. This topic reminded me of a movie named Soldier . Kurt Russel plays a soldier with excellent skills, trained not to have any human feelings. After a set of circumstances, he ends up in a civil community where he finds out about love, happiness but also sadness. He ends up aware of his emotional emptiness, knowing that he would never learn how to love.
  6. ivukadinovic

    What is your favorite quote and why?

    LOL, my grandma used to say similar stuff to me when I was a kid. We had it also on our school's hall wall. There were some Latin sayings that i remember, like: or: The first one, when translated says that " A raven will never pick out an eye to another raven". The rough explanation is that people sail will never have their differences, will always stick together, or something like that. The other one says "I am a human being so nothing human could be strange to me". I find them kinda cool because they sound fierce but are also educational.
  7. ivukadinovic

    What is your favorite quote and why?

    I guess this is my favorite quote. It reflects my life and all the thoughts in my head. I am a very passionate person so my head is always dizzy and disturbed. This quote helps me when I am confused.
  8. ivukadinovic

    Earning Money as Student

    I was in the same position, man! It is awful but we are young and capable of everyt6hing I started earning money when I was 21. I did some gigs, I play the guitar but I also tried online English tutoring. It is easy and fun but the most important thing is that it is paid. You can try some sites like ACTutor, DaDaAbc, Bibo, VIPkid and so long. I have a document here to help you find the right school for you. Online English Teaching Schools (2).pdf
  9. ivukadinovic

    Should Redly have a dark theme?

    I like this way. It seems positive and cool but also looks a little too girly. So, maybe you should try with something that's more neutral.
  10. ivukadinovic

    Who is your favorite singer and why?

    @lisadolorEd is one of the hottest singers today. I love everything about his story. He began his career in the streets, as a street performer and look at him now! Also, he brought his style to the music scene an became a role model for some trending and some future musicians. I also love his music so much! ♥ This one is my favorite, for sure. What do you think about Sam Smith?
  11. ivukadinovic

    Suggest mind-blowing TV series.

    Hey, really happy you asked about TV Series! I'm a big fan. So, If you're into girly series you should try Younger or Desperate Housewives. Do not be bothered by their names, I mean, they sure are cheesy but they are fun to watch with your brain off. Younger is a very hip show and the Housewives are a true mystery throughout all the seasons. If you wanna watch something that's not so casual, you should definitely try the True Detective (season one!)
  12. ivukadinovic

    Who is your favorite singer and why?

    @httplyka haha I'm glad! If you liked that song, you should then try listening to some of the Buenavista Social Club music. My favorites are ChanChan and Candela.
  13. ivukadinovic

    Purpose of listening to music

    Music is like therapy for me. I'm really a moody person so I have several playlists for every mood. For example, If I'm depressed about things I play me some smooth jazz and If I'm angry I often play something 'harder', like some rock or metal. But people also like to listen to any kind of noise to keep them concentrated when they are working on some projects or when they are doing chores around the house. My dad has his radio on in his shop all the time. He just puts his favorite station and that's It. He says It keeps him company.
  14. @valvulaeconniventesI hope Peele's going to grow in his career as a director. I've watched him acting in some movies but I wasn't wowed. The director part suits him waaaay better!
  15. @KennyG1527I guess you are right. All in all, cinema is supposed to be art so people are allowed to have different views and opinions about movies but the classification really seemed ridiculous to me. I guess because It is all relative some may think of this movie as comic, Idk. I would maybe prefer is the director included better music like Kubrick did in his work.

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