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Found 3 results

  1. Extremist right-wing groups have apparently started to infiltrate green groups in Germany to spread their hateful ideology and gaining support among German farmers who are frustrated with new regulations on the use of fertilisers and the protection of insects. The Guardian reports that farmers associations and environmental groups in Germany are now warning that far-right groups are exploiting the country's growing green movement and the increasing popularity of organic lifestyles, as well as rural nostalgia and farmers’ anger at globalisation. The far-right are doing this by organizing events that use Nazi-imagery and publishing and distributing propaganda in a new glossy magazine "for natural protection." These fascists are calling for "a conservative-ecological turn" saying that ecology is the "crown jewels" of the right and that it has been "robbed" by left-wing green movements since the 1970s. They shun renewable energy like windfarms and push fascist and Malthusian theories on overpopulation claiming that "the world’s population has to be stabilised at a lower level" or "face irreversible ecological collapse." They are also – like most of the far-right – climate deniers as they are arguing for moving away from climate protection and instead embrace "homeland protection."
  2. In a "podcast" that was aired on Sweden's biggest radio broadcaster a few days ago, Greta Thunberg said that humanity has not yet failed and urged world leaders to do more. The young climate activist also said that "doing our best is no longer good enough" and that "we must now do the seemingly impossible." In the 75 minute long podcast, Greta Thunberg tells the listener about her trip across the Atlantic Ocean where she spoke in front of world leaders at the General Assembly of the United Nations last year, her visit to the state of Alberta in Canada where she at several occasions had to call the police for protection, and how humanity is quickly running out of time to save the climate. You can listen to the podcast in English here or on Spotify. More than a million people listened to the podcast when it was aired last weekend (Swedish source) and the English version will also be aired on BBC on the 11th of July.
  3. until
    Join our non-violent civil disobedience at a central London government location. If you are interested in being briefed on this action please read this briefing doc then attend an online or face-to-face briefing: https://bit.ly/2toKhji Please sign up here ---> https://goo.gl/forms/vaN4CDNyDt7mJwXq2 The science is done. We are in a climate and ecological emergency. We're on course to send our children to an early death likely to involve mental breakdown, starvation and war. There are no words to describe the horrors we risk if we do not make governments act immediately. Every parent, every adult, everyone has a responsibility and duty to take action. That now means breaking of the law. On Saturday 9th March Extinction Rebellion is calling for hundreds of people – whatever your age, beliefs, or background – to come and pour (artificial) blood on the ground outside a key government location. We'll make the gravity of the crisis viscerally clear and show that we're prepared for sacrifice: prepared to be arrested. This is now what's required. We also wish to apologise to the next generation for our complicity in this the greatest of all crimes - to leave a legacy of hell. A future defined by the climate and ecological breakdown. We welcome all, especially those with the greatest stake in the future: young people. Sacrifice and Redemption. Whatever your beliefs – spiritual or secular – we can unite behind this cause. We can hesitate no longer. We must rebel for life. All participants of all ages will be fully briefed on the symbolic meaning of this act of civil disobedience before they engage in it. Everyone who decides to take part will make that decision on the basis of this briefing. Here is a briefing doc for the action - please have a read through this if you are still interested in taking part. There is also a contact email in the doc if you have any questions: https://bit.ly/2toKhji There are going to be several face-to-face briefing sessions and an online briefing session. Details below: London face-to-face briefing (25th Feb): https://www.facebook.com/events/153148995569551/ Bristol face-to-face briefing (20th Feb): https://www.facebook.com/events/343952286211669/ More briefings will be planned for other regions, details to follow. If you'd like to help out with planning and are based near London, please join us for one of these meetings: 20th Feb: https://www.facebook.com/events/376227563158393/ 27th Feb: https://www.facebook.com/events/388864605008701/ 6th March: https://www.facebook.com/events/597642333974587/ Thank you. Please share and spread the word. Thank you. This is part of a series of non-violent actions leading up to the International Rebellion, see here: https://www.facebook.com/events/126622414898833/
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