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Found 12 results

  1. 1 in 3 Europeans say US can’t be trusted: Poll – POLITICO WWW.POLITICO.EU More than 60 percent of those surveyed said the American political system is broken. Every third European now believes that it's not possible to trust the USA as an allied partner and more than 60 percent of Europeans consider the US political system as “completely” or “somewhat broken.” According to the poll, Germans were the most negative. Of those, 53% now consider that the USA is an unreliable partner. Politico reports that 81% of Britons, 71% of Germans and 66% of the French people said the US system is broken. The poll also showed that most Europeans believes that China will become more powerful than the USA within 10 years and that they want their countries and Europe to stay neutral in a potential conflict between USA and China. 15 000 people in 11 European countries participated in the European Council's foreign policy survey which was conducted in November 2020 shortly after the US presidential election.
  2. Stopping the authoritarian rot in Europe EUOBSERVER.COM A few weeks ago, the European Union underwent a fundamental change: it ceased being a bloc of exclusively democratic states. Even worse - leaders across Europe barely flinched. I really don't understand (Well, of course, I do, but still.) why Hungary's move towards a full-blown authoritarian regime has received so little public attention. No matter what your opinion on the European Union was prior to this, there is no denying that this is a huge and important story about how the European Union has undergone a fundamental change. It's clearly a historic change for the EU as it has now truly ceased being a bloc of exclusively democratic states. And European leaders have so far been awfully quiet and spinelessness about it all.
  3. Donald Trump threatens with punitive tariffs against EU and France following the approval in the French parliament of a 3% digital services tax on internet giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. So why this strong response from the US and Donald Trump? I think it’s because of two main reasons: Firstly, and the most obvious reason IMO, is because the US political establishment is heavily influenced by corporate lobbyists – TBH the whole US political discourse has been profoundly corporatized in recent decades – and that includes lobbying from the US tech sector. Just see this article from the Guardian on how the tech industry now dominates the US lobbying industry. Secondly, these tech giants are a central part of the extensive and global spy network that the US government manage against both its enemies and allies. Leaks have for example shown how NSA's top-secret spy program Prism has direct access to Google Apple and Facebook servers. Obviously, any perceived threats against these tech giants cannot be tolerated by the US government – Trump’s response is just his usually blunt honesty/stupidity.
  4. There is no future in nuclear energy - and it doesn't matter if it's the old or new generation of nuclear reactors. A perfect example of this is Hitachi now stopping the construction of a new nuclear plant based on the new generation of nuclear reactors in Welsh, UK, due to the project deemed uneconomical. Hitachi deemed the project economically unsustainable despite the government guaranteeing an extremely high sale price for the electricity generated, offering $96.77/MWh for 35 years adjusted for inflation plus 1/3 of the equity and all the debt. The Financial Times reports on this story: Hitachi shelves new Welsh nuclear plant Everyone needs to stop fantasizing about current and new nuclear generation technology saving us from climate change and just get onboard on the renewable energy train that is actually capable of saving us from the climate crisis
  5. Denmark has become the latest country to prohibit wearing the burqa and niqab in public. But Denmark's ban may backfire - just like it has in many other European countries with similar bans. This is a pretty interesting article that's worth your time, I think. Check it out: Banning Muslim Veils Tends to Backfire—Why Do Countries Keep Doing It? So, why do European countries keep doing it?
  6. In an interview with CBS News and ahead of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, US President Donald Trump said that he thinks "the European Union is a foe". Read the full story here: "I think the European Union is a foe," Trump says ahead of Putin meeting in Helsinki This certainly doesn't bode well for future US-EU relations. Maybe it's true what Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said last year, that Europe can no longer rely on America?
  7. 90 migrants feared dead after boat capsizes off Libya Most victims believed to be Pakistani, 3 people reported rescued. Read more here: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/world/migrants-dead-ship-sinks-libya-1.4516214
  8. AP News Article This would most definitely be a step in the right direction, in my opinion! I fully agree with the idea that the system simply creates more criminals. Once you're "in the system" it's almost impossible to get out, even over something as simple as marijuana charges. At least, that's how it is here in the states. Does Germany have a similar situation when it comes to low-level weed convicts having trouble finding work/housing?
  9. New data from the World Health Organization shows that nearly 85 percent of all Europeans were exposed to hazardous air pollution above recommended levels in 2014. The highest rate of air contamination and air pollution-related deaths can be found in Eastern European and Balkan countries, according to the new statistics. Least air pollution averages and air pollution-related deaths can be found in all of Scandinavia, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. In 2012, Sweden registered less than one death per 100,000 people due to air pollution and the country had Europe’s lowest average of 5.9 micrograms of pollutants per cubic metre. Learn more here: Which European countries are the most polluted? How well does your country and/or city fare when it comes to air pollution?
  10. Czech Republic re-elects far-right president Miloš Zeman Anti-immigrant and pro-Putin leader takes decisive victory over liberal opponent Jiří Drahoš. Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/27/czech-republic-far-right-president-reelected
  11. On Wednesday this past week, wind produced 23% of Europe's electricity (and on a working day!). Germany 60%, Denmark 48%, Spain 37%, Austria 32%, and Netherlands 23%. Isn't that amazing? Don't let anyone tell you that renewable energy isn't a viable alternative to dirty fossil fuels. The source is here, if you want to check out how much electricity Europe generates from wind every day: https://windeurope.org/about-wind/daily-wind/
  12. Uh oh... Angela Merkel has just said in a speech that Germany or Europe can no longer rely on America under Donald Trump, or Britain following Brexit. Instead Merkel said that "we Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands" and "fight for our own future". The Independent reports: So, basically, France think Donald Trump is a dictator, and the Germans think he's unreliable, while the British think he can't be trusted with any kind of intel. But at least the Saudis think he's useful. Good job America!
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