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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 10 results

  1. Another example of climate change causing mass extinction for a civilization in the game Stellaris.
  2. Another example of climate change causing mass extinction for a civilization in the game Stellaris.
  3. If you use the popular gaming platform Steam you have probably encountered plenty of racists and Nazis. I usually report them but Steam doesn't seem to care. But now the media is starting to take notice so hopefully, we'll start to see some actions from Steam soon. Steam, Your Kids’ Favorite Video Game App, Has A Big Nazi Problem: It’s not the games you should worry about. It’s the social platform that allows hate. What do you think?
  4. Does anyone know what the oldest video game in world history is? This would mean a product that has been officially, legitimately, registered as the FIRST EVER quote unquote... 'video game.' Some say the first ever video game was created in 1958 by a group of physicists. Others however say the first video game didn't come out until 1971, called PONG... and produced by Atari.
  5. Gaming is considered by many as a means of entertainment. Playing games helps people relax and sometimes helps them forget about their problems. Now as the title suggests, do you think gaming can be addictive? I certainly think it can. Every time I come across a game that I really like, I cannot help but play the game for hours and hours without noticing. Sure I enjoy every moment playing the game, but I'm doing harm to myself. I'm ignoring my responsibilities. The time that I spend in playing games could be used for doing something productive. Moreover, playing games for long hours without taking a break can certainly hamper my health. What are your thoughts? Let me know below!
  6. Just like the title says: What is your favorite gaming platform? And why?
  7. Rockstar is about to release their next flagship game, which is Grand Theft Auto VI(GTA 6). We have all been waiting eagerly for this game. But you will have to be patient because the details of the game are yet to be announced to the public. You can expect the game to be released by the year 2020. No trailer for GTA 6 have come up officially, but people are making parodies of the game. They install different mods in the existing game GTA 5, to make it look ultra-realistic, and it fools you into believing that it's GTA 6. There are rumours which speculate GTA 6 will take place in London and it will have a massive map. A map as large as the United States! Whatever you say we will have to wait and see. I believe Rockstar games will not disappoint us! I would love to hear your thoughts about this game. Share it down below! P.S The screenshot below is also a parody!! Lol
  8. When it comes to us GAMERS, we all have some games that we just cannot resist playing. We keep playing it over and over again, even after completing it. For some, it could be multiplayer shooting games like Counter-Strike or football related games such as Fifa. My favourite games are Farcry 3 and Need For Speed Rivals. I like games that contain great gameplay and graphics, so those two games are perfect examples. I'd like to hear what your favourite games are! Share it down below.
  9. Check out this new RTS game coming early 2018 called They Are Billions where the objective is to build a colony that can defend itself against hordes of zombies in a post apocalyptic world. Check out this gameplay: I always love a good RTS, and this game looks pretty interesting. What do you think?
  10. This game looks so cool! I so want to play this game. Unfortunately I get motion sickness from FPS games these days fml...

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