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Found 10 results

  1. Jeremy Corbyn warns about the risk of losing jobs to robots and that new technology has led to "a more rapacious and exploitative form of capitalism". Instead Corbyn suggest that robots in the workplace should be owned and controlled by workers rather than bosses, the BBC reports. Corbyn also suggest that "gig economy" firms like Uber should be replaced by co-operatives owned by the workers, and where the drivers would collectively set their own salaries and working conditions. YES! FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY GAY SPACE COMMUNISM!
  2. The Intercept's Naomi Klein interviews Jeremy Corbyn in this video: Read the full transcript on the Intercept's website: Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn Discuss How to Get the World We Want
  3. Check out this video of Jeremy Corbyn, just days after the general election, completely owning the House of Commons. Corbyn is unstoppable!
  4. This is why young people love old socialists like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn (spoiler: their success with young people is - luckily - based on their platforms and not on their charisma). Read the full article here: Why Are So Many Young Voters Falling for Old Socialists?
  5. Check out this full interview with Jeremy Corbyn on Andrew Marr (11/06/17). Have you ever seen Jeremy Corbyn more relaxed and confident? Theresa May should take note, this what leadership looks like. Marr: "You're looking chipper." Corbyn: "It's a nice sunny morning."
  6. until
    Protest against May and her Coalition of Chaos now this Saturday, 12pm. The Tories launched a general election to destroy Labour. They waged a campaign of fear against a campaign of hope. And they failed. Now a disgraced Theresa May is trying to cling on to power with an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party, the most extreme party in Parliament. They are anti-gay. They are anti-choice. They are climate change deniers. And they have a history of links to and sympathies for Northern Irish loyalist terrorism - after smearing Labour and Jeremy Corbyn over terrorism. The Tories are themselves riddled with homophobes, opponents of women's rights to choose, and climate change deniers. Now they'll be strengthened with an alliance with the right-wing extremists of the DUP. This Coalition of Chaos and Hatred is a threat to all of us. Take to the streets in London and all over Britain. Set up your own Facebook events for your towns and cities and I'll share them. Let's bring down Theresa May - and stop a Coalition of Chaos and Hatred taking power. For more information see the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/290268031384019
  7. More than 150,000 people have joined Labour since Jeremy Corbyn's successful election and the party's total membership is now close to a million (source). That means that Labour is on course to be a million-member party for the first time since the 1950s. It also means that Labour, under Corbyn's leadership, is the biggest European centre-left party by membership. Read more here: http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/11/more-than-150000-people-have-joined-labour-since-the-election-6700935/
  8. Professor Stephen Hawking has said that he supports Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in the upcoming general election in the UK. Hawking will vote Labour because Tories would be a "disaster for NHS and police". Read more here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/professor-stephen-hawking-backs-labour-10564867
  9. Britain is in the midst of a snap election campaign on June 8, but the way the story is being covered could well end up being a factor in the end result. Watch The Listening Post on UK media's obsession with Jeremy Corbyn: This past Tuesday, the opposition Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn officially released its election platform. Corbyn's leadership is a major sub-plot in the election story because his party is divided between those who support Corbyn and his push to the left and those who want to keep Labour where it was, more of a centre-left party. That it's an obsession of the UK's right-wing press, which dominate the print market, is to be expected. The Sun, the Daily Mail and others have been openly hostile toward Corbyn since he took over the leadership in 2015. But has there been a more subtle form of anti-Corbyn/anti-Labour bias in the country's broadcast media, which, under UK regulatory laws, are legally required to be balanced in their coverage? Contributors: Andrew Pierce, journalist, Daily Mail Aaron Bastani, co-founder, Novara Media Peter Catterall, professor of history and policy, University of Westminster Annabelle Sreberny, professor of Global Media and Communications, SOAS University of London