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Found 8 results

  1. As a user you have the right to be "forgotten" on Redly. That means that you have the right to have all your data (this includes but is not limited to your profile page and all your posts, events, photos, comments and status messages) erased from Redly. When you request to have your member account and information permanently deleted you will be offered two alternatives: To delete all stored information and content provided by you to us on this website deleted This include, but is not limited to, your profile page, posts, events, photos, comments, status messages, attachments, as well as any stored IP addresses. To delete your member account but retain your content If you choose this option, your content will be anonymised but not deleted. Your profile page will be deleted, but your posts, events, photos, comments, status messages, attachments, etc, that you have submitted to this website will not be deleted and will remain online on this website. Your content will be automatically anonymised, i.e. all posted content will be attributed to 'Guest'. Any stored IP addresses will be deleted. Note, this will not delete any identifiable information that you have published on this website in status updates, comments, posts, etc. You can request your data to be removed from Redly here. Once the request has been received, your profile and data will be purged from Redly within 30 days. Please note that once your request has been fulfilled and all your data has been removed it's not possible to restore your data or profile – once it's deleted it will be gone forever. You are of course welcome to register a new account later if you so choose, but your old data will not be recoverable once deleted.
  2. Redly Team

    New front page and dashboard

    We have just launched our brand new front page (it's only visible to guests, so you will have to log out from Redly to see it) and a new dashboard page filled with useful information for registered users. Please do let us know what you think about our new front page and dashboard page, and if there is anything that's missing or could be further improved upon. Thank you!
  3. Redly Team

    Start blogging on Redly!

    Today we’re introducing blogs on Redly. Our new blogging system allow you to create your own personal blog, or a group blog with other Redly members, to share your ideas, thoughts and insights. Here are some of the features that comes with your Redly blog: Group Blogs You can easily collaborate with other Redly users by starting group blogs. These blogs are perfect for when more than one member has something to contribute to the subject. Private & Invite-Only Blogs If you want, you can designate your blog as completely private, for your own use (and eyes) only. You can also create invite-only blogs where you specify who may read it. Atom/RSS Imports You have an existing blog elsewhere? No problem! You can easily import your blog entries automatically using Atom or RSS. This way your blog posts will get more exposure within the Redly community – and with no extra work! Club Blogs If you manage a club here on Redly you can now add a blog to your club – and it’s just as easy as adding forums and galleries to your club. Isn’t that great or what? And just so we’re clear. We are still tweaking the new blogging system, so if you find any bugs or if you got some constructive criticism for us, please let us know here in the comments or in our Feedback forums.
  4. I'm sure many of you are browsing Redly on a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet. If you are, please let us know if something is broken, or if something is looking weird or not behaving like you'd like it to. And if you got any ideas on how we can improve our website for smartphone and tablet users, please let us know in this topic.
  5. Simon

    Should Redly have a dark theme?

    Redly currently only has a light theme, but what if this site also had a darker theme? Would you use it? Vote here!
  6. Redly Team

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Thank you for being a part of the private beta for Redly.social. You have helped us find annoying bugs and you have given us invaluable and constructive feedback which have helped us make Redly even better. Since the private beta was launched a few months ago we have introduced a bunch of new features and improvements, such as member clubs, blogs, an improved reputation system with likes and reactions, and much more. We also recently unveiled a huge new re-design of Redly that makes it even easier to browse our site – on any device. Now we are making the last preparations for the launch next month. The biggest change is that all content (except your profile page and private blogs, clubs and photo galleries) will be public and available for non-registered members. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, you can request to have your account and data deleted. Please note that once your request has been fulfilled and all your data has been removed it is not possible to restore your data or profile – once its deleted it’ll be gone forever. But you can always register a new account later if you wish to come back again. You can learn more here. We don’t plan to launch any new big features on Redly in the near future, but we are planning a bunch of smaller and bigger improvements over the coming weeks and months. The first big update will come later this spring and will focus heavily on our blogs and clubs. Stay tuned for more news! Again, thank you for being among our first members and helping us improve Redly. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know in our feedback forum or by sending us an email (hello@redly.social). Thank you!
  7. Redly Team

    Features coming soon to Redly

    Redly is still in its early days and we are constantly working on improving the site and its features. Here are some features that are coming soon to Redly. New features and improvements: Photo gallery Done! Events calendar Done! Blogs (expected to launch early 2018) Done! Groups Done! Improvements to Calendar, such as event reminders. Done! Improvements to Gallery, including an easier upload process. Done! Improved like-system, including reactions. Done! Improved text editor. Done! Improved Stream. Done!
  8. As a club owner you cannot remove club features such as topics, calendar or images that you have added to your club. If you want to remove a section of your club you can post a request for it in this topic. Shortly after posting, an administrator will remove your section. Please note that all of the content in that section will also be deleted unless you have moved it beforehand.
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