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Found 2 results

  1. Here's an interesting article in the Huffington Post on the general election this past Sunday in Sweden: Sweden Is What Happens When Liberals Let The Far-Right Set The Agenda. The country’s left-wing Social Democrats just saw their worst election result in generations. I agree with this conclusion. The Swedish Social Democrats were "saved" (they could have done much, much worse than 28% TBH) when they late in the election campaign actually started countering the racist politics of the Sweden Democrats with their own politics and solutions. In addition to this, they also - finally - promised some much-needed welfare investments. In the graph above we can see how the voter support for the Social Democrats has progressed during the election campaign. In phase 1 they were all about harder punishment for crime and tougher limits on immigration and refugees - something which just resulted in reinforcing the racist worldview of the SwedenDemocrats and a country near collapse (despite the fact that Sweden today is one of the richest, happiest and successful countries in the world). Phase 2 is when the support for the Social Democrats started to rise again, coincidentally this was also around the time when they campaigned more on traditionally strong social democratic talking points, such as welfare investments and economic redistribution. So the general election in Sweden clearly shows IMO that progressives, socialists, and liberals will always lose when they let the far-right set the political agenda.
  2. Here's a little story in three parts about Matteo Renzi, former prime minister of Italy and the political leader of the country's social democrats, and his criticism of "election loser" Jeremy Corbyn.
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