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Found 3 results

  1. Wow, just wow. Watch this video where Jeremy Corbyn - our absolute boy - completely and utterly 🔥 destroys 🔥 conservative Prime Minister Theresa May in parliament. Oh wow.mp4 Corbyn is referencing this story: "UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he has grown "increasingly admiring" of Donald Trump and appeared to suggest that the US President would handle Brexit negotiations better than Prime Minister Theresa May during remarks made at a private dinner earlier this week."
  2. Simon

    Tamam Erdogan, Time To Go!

    Erdoğan, the tyrant of Turkey who funds jihadists in Syria and kills Kurds, will be in the UK on an official state visit IMMINENTLY. Will you pledge to be out on the streets protesting UK weapons sales and collusion in Turkey’s war on Kurds? We will be protesting outside Downing Street on Tuesday when he is due to meet with Theresa May. Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is visiting London, Tuesday 15th May, ahead of the Turkish elections. Seeking respectability, Erdogan, who, as head of state, is allegedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Kurdish civilians and should face arrest but failing that, should face the BIGGEST wall of protest! Millions of Turks and Kurds have been taking to twitter to tell Erdogan to go, after he made a speech saying "When the Turkish people want me to, I will go". Millions responded with the hashtag 'T A M A M' (Okay, go then!) Join us, in solidarity with the people of Turkey and Kurdistan to reinforce that message and to call on the UK govt to Stop Arms Sales to Turkey. This event is called by the Kurdish Assembly UK, Kurdish Students Union, Gik-Der, Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign and others to be confirmed...... EXACT TIME TO BE CONFIRMED! For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1823000468003488
  3. until
    Protest against May and her Coalition of Chaos now this Saturday, 12pm. The Tories launched a general election to destroy Labour. They waged a campaign of fear against a campaign of hope. And they failed. Now a disgraced Theresa May is trying to cling on to power with an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party, the most extreme party in Parliament. They are anti-gay. They are anti-choice. They are climate change deniers. And they have a history of links to and sympathies for Northern Irish loyalist terrorism - after smearing Labour and Jeremy Corbyn over terrorism. The Tories are themselves riddled with homophobes, opponents of women's rights to choose, and climate change deniers. Now they'll be strengthened with an alliance with the right-wing extremists of the DUP. This Coalition of Chaos and Hatred is a threat to all of us. Take to the streets in London and all over Britain. Set up your own Facebook events for your towns and cities and I'll share them. Let's bring down Theresa May - and stop a Coalition of Chaos and Hatred taking power. For more information see the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/290268031384019

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